Hi from Alaska mom and HELP

So glad I found this place! My 8 year old dd has beautiful curly hair. She gets it from her dad. (my hair is slightly wavy but that's another story)

We live in Alaska btw, near Anchorage with our chihuahua Skippy, 4 birds and lots of fish. : ) (I also have a son)

As my dd has got older and more active it's gotten harder to do her hair. Some days we def. have crazy hair days.

I am just starting to read everything here and it sounds like I have been doing it all wrong. -not for lack of asking everytime we get her hair trimmed!

Here is our routine: before school, get detangler and or water in spray bottle. Mist hair till wet. Use a brush similiar to the one that is in the photos I saw (can't remember name of it) to get out tangles. (usually we have a bunch) Figure out how we are doing hair usually it's pony tail, dog ears, or pull the front hair back and up and leave back down. (or I french braid if we have time) If any part of it is down we use mousse in it. This only works so so.

Here are some photos...she has type 3b I think? Is that right? It's in long layers now, the bottom is almost too long as the top shrank up more than the lady thought it would I think. These photos are older.

Photo one is a great hair day. I have to tell you why though...it was 5 degrees outside. I took this in January I think. So I am guessing the lack of humidty and her hair was probably frozen had something to do with it. Too bad it had to be so cold to get great hair.

Photo two is a typical hair day for summer. During the summer for an easy and no tears fix, we just pull it back into pony tail. No spritzing, taming or combing. Not looking so hot.

I don't think I have a crazy hair day photo, but there have been plenty. Especially in the summer when she runs wild and is outside all day. : )

Her hair during the school year falls somewhere in between these two.

Ugh...so much to read and learn. She also swims twice a week and will be on swim team when school starts. So we have that to deal with. We only wash her hair every two or three days.

Please share any advice or thoughts. : ) Thank you and again, glad to be here. (and my dd's hair thanks you.
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Hi, welcome to NC.com. You might have better lucky with responses if you post your question re DD's hair on the General Discussion about hair board.

Cheers and again, welcome.
Thank you, I will try that later today. : )

Hmmm....not sure about the photos. I see the thumbnails ok. Will figure that out too.

Hi Amy,

First of all I must say your daughter is gourgous and so are her curls

I have a 5 year old with 2c curls/waves and her hair is very fine and frizzy
I'm currently trying the CG routine on her hair and am seeing improvement

What products do use on her hair? (eg. shampoo,conditioner , leave-in)

This site is sooo good and the people are really friendly and helpful, and I have learned loads about curly hair since I found it, so hopefully you will too
Trying to work out my 5 year olds 2c fine frizzy/curly hair

Password; curlygirl

Loving KBB and Kinky Curly!!

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