I'm new too!

I've been visiting this site for a few months and finally joined. I'm so excited since I don't know any other curly headed people who don't straighten their hair and I'm just learning how to take care of my new curls. Also it seems like you all have exchanging information and experiences. I've had red curly hair all my life. I wish that when I was little I didn't hate my hair because it was so pretty now that I look back on it. All I wanted at the age was straight brown hair hehe. But anyways I've been letting my curls out since June and only straightened it twice, which is huge for me since I've been using a flat iron everyday for about TEN years (hehe wow that makes me feel old). Its sad to think its been ten years because I've wanted to let me hair be curly for so long but never thought I could have pretty curls. But its amazing to see the results of the Curly Girl book and the tips from this site can do. And seeing all the pretty curls on this site gives me hope!

It feels great to be who I naturally am now. I've been trying to change my overall lifestyle for years. I think it all started after my first year of college when I was totally confused about my life (not that I have anything really figured out now). But I moved back home to go to college here and started doing yoga (anyone else do yoga?!). Yoga has cleared my foggy mind and helped my discover my true self, its so great. I'm currently finishing my music degree after slowly beating away my college credits over years and years and after taking a year break to live with my finance. Anyways thats a little information about me since I'm introducing myself. Its interesting how my hair ties into my life since a lot of the things I'm interested in revolve around improving my self esteem.

Well I look forward to discovering curly hair with all of you, is there ever an end to understanding it? It seems like there's so much information sometimes
Hello and welcome!

If your avatar is a picture of you - WOW! Gorgeous hair!!!
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Awww thank you! It's pretty damaged but I'm excited about growing it out and having naturally healthy hair again. Would love to have the length that you do.

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