greetings from Prague

to all girls, ladies and guys with beautiful curly hair & of course to foundres of such a great website, that keeps helping us how to deal with our bit wilder tresses.
I love my curly hair. Must admit, sometimes itīs getting on my nervs, but otherwise we are getting on quite well. I used to cut my hair for +- 6 years, because here in Czech Republic they somehow didnīt care about curls, then I found hairdresser who knew what heīs doing and has been cutting my hair since and half a year ago we did also very nice highlights.
I still like experimenting with new producsts and already tried few tricks and tips from other curlies.
Hope Iīll learn even more,
cu around,
Welcome to NC!

Even though there aren't a lot of knowledgeable on curls around you, you can find most of what you need here and then some!

Hope you enjoy your stay here =)

p.s. Whats it like in the Czech Rep.?
Turtles: omg please don't put that in your moo moo

Nej: too late... moo moo has been infiltrated.
Welcome, Veronika! We're so glad to have you!
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!
thank you,
nice of you to ask, i live in Prague (capital) and itīs charming city, not big but not too small either. itī full of architecture, history buildings, castle, parks, river in the middle, old bridges, lots of towers w golden spires ... i like it here a lot.
Ohhh sounds very nice!! and fairy tale like
Turtles: omg please don't put that in your moo moo

Nej: too late... moo moo has been infiltrated.
I've heard Prague is beautiful and interesting. It's on my short list of places I'd like to visit some day.

I was tantalizingly close a few years back when I visited Poland. But it wasn't in the cards.

Welcome to the boards!
well, if you do and visit, let me know :-)

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