new member - whats my texture, and should i go short?

hello! I am a new member, but DEFINITELY not new to the life of a curly headed person.
Everyone has an opinion when your hair is curly!!
I have spent hours under the combs of cousins, sisters, friends and my mother.
My hair has its good and bad times but I am really thinking about doing the CG method because right now its DRY and gross.
I live in FL and the humidity is just terrible!!

this is old, at it's longest.

fro'd out!

this is at its shortest (I like it!!)

this is my hair! I dont know if I'm a 3c or a 4a because my hair is REALLY POOFY as in it has never hung down, it defies gravity and probably always will.

Should i cut it short again? Is it a bad idea and i'll regret it? Because as soon as I get to the length i can put it in a pony tail I do it compulsively even though i hate them!!
I do not know your hair type but i love your hair!
Welcome! We're so glad you've joined us.
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!

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