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I have long curly hair, but i keep it straight most of the time because it so much easier to manage. The only down fall is damaging it with heat. I try to wear my hair curly for a week and straight for a week...BUT...when i so call wear it curley, it is in a pony tail. The only time i wear my curles loose is around the house when i finish washing it. My husband loves it, but i don't like wearing it out...because as most of us know...after a few good gust of wind and a few hours of work...POOF! I normally use moose, but the curles doesn't do what i want them to do. I need some advice on keeping my curles from poofing out.
Welcome! We're glad to have you! Please poke around the site; there's tons of great info!
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You are beautiful!
Welcome. Aveda brilliant humectant pomade works well for me. Mouse does not work for me - makes my hair way too big.
FWIW, things that help my hair from getting poofy or fuzzy are:

Keeping my hair well moisturized. Besides using a good conditioner that's free of silicones, that includes not using sulfate shampoos, or styling products that contain silicones. (As I understand it, silicones seal moisture out of hair -- somebody please correct me if I'm wrong -- and don't wash out well without sulfate shampoos, which don't rinse out of naturally curly hair completely, and dry your hair out.)

Using a good frizz fighter like CurlKeeper.

Clumpage. Encouraging my hair to hold together in strands by using a gel like Jessicurl's Rockin' Ringlets or Curlebration Spray, or DevaCurl's AnGell, or a curl cream like A/G's re:coil. The clumpage helps my hair to form ringlets, and keeps the hair from flying free.

Scrunch using a microfibre towel or an old, well washed (softened) T-shirt. To dry faster, follow that up by plopping (a.k.a. plunking in the Jessicurl video clip). Even 10-20 minutes can m

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I just joined today!! I'm a 3B, too, but I gave up trying to straighten it years ago. I think that happened around the time I had my first child - lol. Nice to "meet" you!

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