New here....

Hey, I just found the site today!
I hope this is the proper way to introduce myself. On another site I'm a member of, starting a thread to say hi is pretty much a bad idea. I looked for a general Introduction thread, but didn't find one. *blush* I tend to be a bit clueless though, so if there is one, I apologize for this thread.

I am so excited to try out techniques I've read about on here, and to find a new stylist...I love the girl who cuts my hair, but she cuts it for a straight style, and then flat irons it til I can smell it burning, and sends me on my way. I look adorable for all of maybe two days. She never seems to understand that I wear my hair curly. I don't feel like taking all the time to straighten it and I hate how fried it gets with all the hot irons.

I LOVE my curls! I'd just like to get them looking better.

I also noticed in this forum a section for women with PCOS. How wonderful! I was diagnosed about 6 years ago, and am having trouble managing my weight right now. :/

What a wonderful forum I've found! *squishes the forums with warm snuggles*
Hi there! We're so glad you've joined us.

Starting a thread to say hi is perfectly great here!

It definitely sounds like you need a new stylist; be sure to check out our CurlSalons section.

We look forward to getting to "know" you!
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!

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