I finally decided to stop hating my hair!


I am now almost 26 and finally have decided to stop hating the hair I naturally was born with. I come from a latino background and all my life have been told that my hair needed to be tamed, fixed, and cured. I grew up getting my hair yanked, pitied by straight haired relatives, and getting my neck burned by lye based relaxers!

As I have grown up I have had friends who have been envious of my waves and curls when my hair is behaving. I guess I must have been treating my hair right on those days.

My hair is just so dry right now! =hangs head=

I need HELP!

I am about ready for the Great Battle under The Sink! That evil place where hair products go to live a sad , lonely, and unused existence. I have to put the products out of their misery since we just don't mesh.

Hair Products: You don't want us anymore?

Goblin: It's not a you thing. It's a ME thing. Can't you see we only manage to hurt each other. You need to find someone who can love you and use you.

Hair Products: =sobs=

Goblin: I can introduce you to my pin straight haired sister.............

Hair Products: =ears perk up=


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Well welcome!
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Welcome indeed, you're gonna read so much information on these threads it'll make your head spin! But it's fun! Good Luck and get reading and experimenting!!!
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