Newbie seeking advice

I moved from Texas to California for college, and a lot of my curls have disappeared! My avatar is a picture of my hair about a year ago. Below is a picture of it now (excuse the fact that I look terrible in it--it's a decent shot of my hair). For the first few months, I straightened it regularly, but I stopped because it took too much time. Instead I would just throw it up in a bun every morning. A recent terrible haircut makes this harder to do, so I'm trying to find new products and methods to make my hair look nice again. I would really appreciate any advice y'all have.



My current hair routine:
Shampoo (2x a week) with Nature's Gate Jojoba Oil
Condition (daily) with Nature's Gate Jojoba Oil; Giovanni Direct Leave-In
Style with Ojon Conditioning Finishing Finishing Paste (penny sized amount), No Frizz (five sprays), and Paul Mitchell Round Trip (1/2 pump)

Last edited by amyloplast; 04-06-2009 at 03:07 PM. Reason: If you cannot tell I have red hair in a picture, the lighting is obviously wrong.

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