Hello everyone!
Just wanted to introduce myself!
My name's melanie and I have (i think) 3B fine shoulder length curly hair. i have hennaed it red-brown.
curls seem to be a part of me, when i straighten it my friends always say i sont look like myself coz my curls are crazy like me i think thats a compliment lol
i really want to get my hair in better condition (its very dry) and i want to grow it as long as i can (before the ends start drying out, etc.)
anyway thats about all
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I just want to welcome you to NaturallyCurly. We're glad you found us! You'll find a lot of good advice on how to condition your hair, and plenty of product recommendations.

wow thanks for the warm welcome!

just to update: I did a olive oil and honey hair mask last night and already my curls are springing up nicer and lookier healthier! :P this is so awesome!

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