newfound curly

So, you'd think in 18 years that I would figure out I had curly hair. But no. I've always had Bozo frizzy hair but my mom told me it was because I didn't brush it enough. :P So, after falling asleep without brushing or combing my wet hair, I woke up with 2c/3a hair. What a surprise! Everyone in my family has stick straight hair, so I get no help there. So here I am, hitting the web.

So now I'm trying to grow out all the damage of brushing and combing and trying to find decent products as I've never thought to use them before. I'm a recent anti-shampoo nut though I may go back with homemade (in someone else's home!) bar soaps.

Now that I've told you my life story, hi!
Welcome! Glad to have you here! Feel free to PM me if you need any help!
I'm a 3b, with 3c underneath.

Used to be CG, now I'm not. Using Suave Aloe & Waterlily shampoo & condish, JoiWhip, BRHG, Suave Aloe gel, Aussie Tizz No Frizz, and anything else that looks good!
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You are beautiful!

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