Hi all!

This chatty newbie has been stalking natural sites for quite a while and finally decided to join a couple today. I already love posts by EmpressRi and mariag002 and others here and on youtube, fotki, etc. I have no idea how to style my hair just yet so I actively seek reviews of products and styling suggestions from others. My picture (3/09) is in a pulled back ponytail, but does show my wave pattern. I am a product junkie of all things that might achieve great hair and skin (still searching) and look to others' opinions to narrow down which new things to try. I haven't relaxed my hair to my best memory, since before January 2008. I never did a big chop.
2/3 of my hair back from hairline is extremely porous and a different curl pattern from the back, so I tend to wear it pulled back and let the back hang out. My hair easily forms ringlets around my finger. It seems to have a more S curl on its own.
I am pretty sure that I am a 3b in the back and possibly 3c-4a in the front. I am not sure if this classification should be determined without any product or with product, individual strands or clumped…so confusing. I have several inches of relaxed ends at the top of my head, slow growth there. Just tried an ACV rinse yesterday for the first time. I have tried Amla and Shikakai powders mixed with conditioner once and thinking about trying some type of porosity balancing product.
I just bought the Boots Curl Crème after reading many positive reviews. It is quite an investment considering the shipping, but I am hopeful! There are so many products to try and of course I want fast results but realize that this is a process and takes trial and error and effort. For the past few months, I have been using some of Teri’s (tightlycurly.com) methods; co-washing and using just a combing conditioner for styling my hair.
Simply seeking knowledge!
Still contemplating the big chop, but I’m a big chicken!
Welcome! We are so happy you are here.....
Definitely some great information in the discussion board pertaining specifically to your hair type. Also, if you need product help, email our product guru CurlySuzy at curlysuzy@naturallycurly.com she is a great resource.

Good luck

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