Getting in touch with my textures

Hello Curlies!

I'm new to the site and I am currently transitioning. My last relaxer was in March and I do not miss it all. I am enjoying the sight and feel of my new growth and i cannot wait to be 100% natural.

When it was time for me to cut the perm off, I had to because it was breaking... It was so short , I had to go back twice to the salon because I still saw straight ends. It felt like it grew faster... My Fro is pretty long for 6 Months , Just remember to condition
My goal is to transition for at least a year but every time I look at my hair wet and clearly see the little waves I get anxious. Also, since I live in Detroit, MI, I am thinking about getting zillions for the winter cuz it's so cold up here, but i am not too sure if that's a good idea.
Oh and I love conditioning my hair :-}

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