Okay, so I thought I had it figured out that I have medium/coarse hair and high porosity. I had largely based the latter assumption on the fact that I straightened my hair daily for years at very high heat...but when I run my fingers up the hair shaft it feels pretty slick. So then I have low porosity? How should I change the products I'm using? What sorts of products are best for hair with low porosity? I keep hearing that so much about product choice is dependent on texture/porosity...

As far as hair texture goes, I think I have medium to coarse hair texture...and since my hair feels like straw and is very brittle and unelastic, I've been avoiding protein. But should I be adding some in if my hair isn't super coarse, even if it's unelastic? I'm so confused again.

Edited to add: I'm just going to give a specific run down on my hair so you experienced curlies can help me out better. It's light brown if that affects anything (density)?, I think about a 2c...the under layers don't curl AT all and are super brittle and unelastic. I have a few squiggly wiry and coarse ones throughout my hair but not many. If I run my fingers up the hair shaft it's very slick. My hair snaps super easily. It's very thick and long. If I stand under the shower head it takes maybe 30 seconds for my hair to be saturated with water...is that a low porosity feature? It takes a SUPER long time to dry. Some of my hair feels finer...not so much that I can't feel it but it's not super coarse, whereas I have some hair strands (probably 20% of my hair) that are really thick. All of my hair can bend easily though. Overall I'd say it's fairly straw like, sometimes stringy, and isn't forming curls well lately. It's quite brittle. Some strands feel bumpy...if I pull them out the part that feels bumpy is like a short strange bend/squiggly part.

I pretty much felt like it would never get over conditioned since lately it has felt so dry...but last night I co-washed with Suave Naturals wild strawberry, then applied Burt's Bees Shea and Grapefruit deep conditioner. I heated up some olive oil and put it on top, then put a shower cap and heating pad on. I went back to the shower and rinsed it out after about an hour...I put some more Suave Naturals on to wash with in hopes that would remove some oil. I didn't really rinse super thoroughly though...maybe I should have with that much oil in it (I used about 1/3 of a cup). Then I put some Inecto Coconut Oil Moisturizing Conditioner on it, then raked in some AOMM and Alberto Create Gel. I put a couple drops of olive oil on after as I had thought I have high porosity hair from straightening so much. I then plopped for about an hour. When I took off the t-shirt my hair was still soaking wet. I slept on it after that so maybe it disrupted the curl pattern...today it's a bit greasy and stringy.
Type 2b/2c, med/coarse, low porosity, medium density

Co-wash: Suave Naturals Tangerine, Live Clean Moisturizing, CJ Daily Fix, GTTT, Tigi MM

Conditioner: Tigi MM, Jessicurl WDT, CJ Curl Rehab, CJ Daily Smoothing, CJ H&B Deep Fix

Deep Treatment: same as rinse out

Leave-in: KCKT or my rinseout

Styling Aids: Alberto/V05 Gel, HETT/HESMU, KCCC

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