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PhillyCurlz 07-22-2006 06:59 PM

Embrace the curls
Hi all,
My name is Maureen and I'm 22 from Philadelphia, Pa. I'm a 3b naturally dark brown but have been dying my hair for YEARS lighter brown with blonde highlights. My 3b is really a blend, I'm a mix of puertorican, native american, and southern italian so my hair is coarse in some places, straighter underneath, always dry and frizzy, and generally a pain in the butt.

After years of battling the straightening iron i'm ready to embrace my curls (more now than before-i've been gradually getting better at it). I'm looking for a nice shiny defined curl that doesn't have that "wet look" that hairdressers who aren't accustomed to curly hair always seem to give me!

Anywho, thats about it!


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