new curlyhead in distress!!

Hello all, I'm Linnette. To make this short & sweet, here's my story: it took me the first 18 years of my life to find a product that worked on my curly hair. This meant NO crunchy / stiff hair, NO white flakes, NO drying out, NO frizzies, NO fly-aways, NO flat parts.... and so much more! (you can see why it took me 18 years, which i must point out, were during my most crucial high school years). I always had perfectly curly, shiny hair - and was even known as "the girl with the curly hair" because of the 'fame' it brought me during my last year in high school! In short, it's my prized possession!

Well, after I tried every hair product in sight, I finally found the one for me: Herbal Essences Extra Hold Mousse for Curly Hair (or even the regular ones worked just the same). Now they've come out with a new line called 'set me up' and I feel so jipped! I am SO upset!

Anyone have any ideas on comparable products to the Herbal Essences Extra Hold Mousse... I'm talking about either the original white bottle they used to have, or the blue bottle they came out with not too long back... i absolutely despise the new stuff they have - and I'm afraid of using the new gel because i've had such bad experiences with gels in the past... HELP!
I haven't used that mousse before but I have had good luck with Garnier Fructis Mousse Extra Curls. I still have to use leave-ins & a finishing cream but it gives a nice lightweight hold and really encourages my curls.
Good luck.
thanks so much for your reply! I think I'll try that... I sell AVON so I'm going to try some Mark. products, as well as go out and buy some herbal essence gel I saw on here, and then try what my best friend uses: Victoria's Secret Poo/Cond and Dove's Shine Gel & Silking Serum rubbed together... we'll see... I'll have product reviews within 2 weeks! lol...

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