New and Nervous!

I have always had fairly wavy hair. At certain periods of my life it has been stroger than others. I've had kink, curl, wave and almost straight hair. The whole time I've never known how to care for it. I came here on a whim and started reading. I'd love to take care of my hair in a healthy way!!
Right now I have a ton of damage. I have been trying to grow my hair out for the past 5 years. I always get ansy and get it cut again. The last time, 2 years ago I went to see a hairdresser who told me how stunning he though I was and he proceeded to give me a mullet! Honestly I thought the world had ended. He had cut all my wave out and used a razor which I do know is an enormous no no for wavy/curly hair. To keep myself from shaving my head I've worn hats and then started the ponytail once my hair was long enough to be pulled and pined back. I've had one trim in this time frame. And now since I've been wearing it pulled back almost daily for about a year I have a ton of breakage. Lastnight I did the CO wash and can't belive how curly the underside of my hair is! It isn't just wavy right now it is curly!! The top part is wavy with even a few straights throw in but I see a small difference and Im soo excited about it!!!
I look forward to getting to know everyone better! I appreciate any suggestions and help!!!!!!!!!!

And be patient!

I, too, am doing a "grow-out." Don't worry, it will be worth it! You have lots of folks here you can turn to along the way!
Hello Wavymess.....great username! You'll find lots of good suggestions here. I know I have and everyone's so helpful.
My hair is not the boss of me!!!!

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