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ne3bwoman 08-06-2006 06:48 PM

New 3b Boston-And going Gray
Hi, this is such a great site. I have many cousins with curly hair and questions, men and women. My hair is shoulder length and looks better longer, the curls look better conditioned, or straightened, it's naturally red, and it's going gray so I put cover the gray with a non damaging color every four weeks. The challenge is keeping the colored gray hair smooth because gray hair tends to get coarse, and kinky and then break.

My biggest question is where in Boston to find some of the products mentioned on this site, there is no beauty store that I can find nearby, that leaves drugstores and hair salons. Right now I am using a no sulfate shampoo twice a week, and leave in conditioner. I don't get much buildup. I try sprays to reduce frizziness as Boston is very high humidity. These sprays control the small wisps of hair but leave in conditioners by Giovanni, or any conditioner that I just leave in works better than those control the frizziness products.

Also these products cost way too much $$$$!


Suburbanbushbabe 08-07-2006 06:50 PM

Hi Nat,

I'm close to Boston; what product are you looking for?

ne3bwoman 08-08-2006 06:57 PM

Hi Karen
Hi there, I am looking for a good leave in conditioner that doesn't weight down the front.


Suburbanbushbabe 08-09-2006 11:02 AM

Are you near Brookline? There's a good beauty supply store on Harvard Street just north of coolidge corner. Can remember the name but it's a few storefronts up from Coolidge Corner theater on the same side of the street. (almost directly across from Barnes and Noble)

They also have a branch in Newton on Beacon Street.

Conditioner results are so subjective I wouldn't know where to start on recommendations. My hair needs heavy moisture and i've been using Elucence MBC which I love, but your hair may need something different. Before I went CG I was using Curlisto Botanical Hair rinse and doing the Curlisto weekly Deep Therapy hair masque. Those you can get at the Carriage House Salon in Cambridge (off Harvard Square) but they both have cyclomethicone. I loved them and miss them but am trying to give my hair the benefit of the curly girl routine.


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