Bad haircut!!!!!

Hey all, Im a bit new to all this so please bare with me!
For years I used to straighten my hair as i thought it looked really ugly when it was curly, but i've recently been leaving it to dry natrually and realised that all it needed was a bit (ok a lot!!) of product.
anyway not long ago i decided to get haircut to try and tidy it up and it was a DISASTER! Id asked for a trim and some long layers put in. the layers are so short that they stick up when dry and I look like i have wings or something sticking out of my head! :S But I can cope with that by just pinning them back, the real problem is the back - for some reason she decided to take thinning sissors and COMPLETLY thin out the back of my head???? now whenever my hair dries the front looks alright but the back springs up into a big puff ball, and frizzes out! I dont know what to do, and im not completly used to having my hair curly yet anyway. does anyone know of any tricks to help? mabey some good products to weigh it down or someway to put it up? anything??
Welcome to Naturally Curly! So sorry to hear about your hair disaster... go to our curl salon page and leave a review for you haircut to warn other curlies to stay ways! Also check out our curl product page to see what other curlies recomend for their hair.

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