New 3a/3b...products that will make my hair a little less curly, little more wavy?

Hi there!
I've been checking out this site for a while and decided to finally just become a member. I'm hoping someone can give me a little help. As I wrote in the subject line, I seem to have hair that's a combination of 3a and 3b (3a on top of my head, 3b underneath). I started using CurlKeeper on top of DevaCurl ArcAngell a while ago and liked what it did to my hair: namely, it sort of stretched out the curl a little so it was less tight and cork-screwy and sort of a wavy. I was wondering if anyone has any other recommendations for products that have a similar effect (i.e. will turn my curls into waves)? I tried braiding my wet hair before going to bed to see if it would give me waves, but it looked horrible in the morning and was just a frizzy mess.

Thank you!
I'm another mixed 3ab curly girl. I actually use Aveda's curl enhacing cream and I love it. What has made a big difference in how tight my curls are though, is the length of the hair. Do you have layers? If so, try growing them out longer. It will help weigh the curls down a bit.

Rock on curly girl!
Hi! I have also been checking out the site for a long while and finally just became a member. I seem to have 3b type hair and use a combination of calmer, gel, and hairspray. My hair starts off stiff in the morning and by mid-afternoon it is defined and soft. I am currently using Brocato's curling cream, Aussie's gel, and Aussie's hair spray (I smell like grapes all day). I am looking for some products that will control the frizz and give it some stiffness. I work in medical sales so my hair is always covered with hats which makes it a big ball of frizz if it isn't somewhat stiff to start. I have tried Aveda's curling cream but it left my hair too soft. I have also tried various grocery store brand gels, Herbal Essence and Tresseme, but they leave my hair soft as well. I also use a diffuser.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
Thanks! I'll take a look at that Aveda curl enhancing cream. My hair is just below shoulder-length. I'm always trying to grow out the layers, but then I get split ends, and have to get a trim, and lose all the length I gained since the last haircut! Frustrating.

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