hiiiiiiiiii =D

im new ( just started today )
my name is slim i think i have 3c
hair but its probably a mix | im aa
brooklyn chica but carribean raised

i have a dilema actually - my hair
is natural as in no perms - i have
died it about 3/4 times though since
like last summer or so

my hair is damaged but im trying to take care of it
my ultimate goal is to wear it curly but some of my
curls are well defined - other's arent - ive tried a
couple of techniques (denman brush/leave in conditioner) none really gave me the results i want
so now im REALLY thinking of getting a texturizer to loosen up my curl - no frizz no POOF as soon as it dries.

basically i want wearable curls and more manageability.
any advice, tips, etc is welcomed!!
Hey sweetie, welcome to NC nice 2 have u here, you have a really lovely mix btw !! u must have beautiful hair but listen i know right now u must be pissed off with your hair but please please please do not get a texturizer....it isnt worth it, it is damaging and your hair will never be the same! I think that you should get a routine ...(u cn ask the other girls about products and routines) and stick it, your hair is just damaged and need to get use to ur curly ways!

Buy a wide tooth hair comb and still use leave in conditioner, research different products! I found this amazing woman who does different hair styles for everyday use n special occusions

and u will be fine

Been there and done it

www.youtube.com/happy74girl < she is amazing
Shoulder lenght
3B Curly Hair
East African Beau

im already subscribed
by that youtubeER
but thxxx for the support
now that ive found this
forum i guess ill keep
searching for a good
regimen that ACTUALLY
works for me. wish me
luck lol

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