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I am considering going naturally curly which means cutting off all of my hair and starting over. I really like the look but I dont know how it would look on me especially during the trransitin stage. I would like to get recommendations for salons or products in Houston, Texas for myself and my 3 year old daughter.My daughter's hair is curly at the top but knky in the back. It used to be really straight as a baby and now it is starting to become dry and thin.
Well, any advice will help.
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Welcome! Check out our cover story on transitioning. It has a lot of helpful info. In terms of Houston salons that specialize in natural hair, check out:

Back To Naturel
5215 Almeda, Houston Tx. 77004

Uncle Funky's Daughter
2428 Times Blvd. (in Rice Village)
Houston, TX 77005

Nailah's Natural Hair Care
Bissonett and Dairy Ashford
(281) 933-5839

Knotty Roots
7355 Highway 6 South T19
(713) 249-3819

Natural Resources
4715 LaBranch St
Houston, TX
(713) 528-7102

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