2c's are different than 2b's and a's >:(

I have thick, course 2c/3a hair(ringlets too) and I am so mad that us thick haired but not super curly haired girls don't have our own forum...


sorry if im complaining it just makes me sad..

good day everyone!
Hi I'm 2c too. Still trying to figure it out.
Cowashing with The One conditioning cleanser from
Sally's,(or Suave Coconut) using Fermodyl for coarse curly hair as a leave in, then scrunching in a LOTof Ecostyler gel and air drying is working so far for me.
For second day, maybe sometimes third day hair I mist heavily with conditioner and water and rearrange in the morning, sometimes adding more gel while its wet.I try to leave it alone as it dries. Easier said than done.
By fourth day, I Co wash again, as before.
Since I've settled on this routine, my hair has been more cooperative. Its only been a couple weeks.
I think the key is to keep your routine simple, and stay with it long enough once it seems to be working for you allow your hair to improve.
I'm the same hair type (except my texture is fine) and I completely agree with you. CG has really helped, but I feel like 2c girls are so close between "curly" and "wavy" but we're not entirely there either way... it just depends on the day (and how windy it is that day ).

It's also harder to tell which products and ingredients we should/should not be using because 2c hair tends to change more from wash to wash than other types.

Rrrgh. I'm doing all I can to take care of my hair and have finally learned everything about designing my own routine, but it's tough. The only girls who get nice comments on their curly hair at my HS are the ones who either are 3b (sometimes 3a, but not often) and upwards, or ones who curl their normally straight hair. It's tough keeping hair naturally curly, but I think it's tougher keeping it naturally wavy - and even tougher doing some of both. o_O
Thick, mostly 2c with some 3a; fine texture, medium/high porosity, and a very strange curl & wave pattern.

Started CG (properly) as of 6/31/2009.

Cowash | Suave Naturals Ocean Breeze or Juicy Green Apple
Rinse-out | Burt's Bees Super Shiny
Leave-in | Live Clean Intense Moisturizing

Right now: growing hair past shoulder-length, looking to take decent hair picture (my avatar is my first day of CG).
I feel your pain...
I was just admiring the back of someone's head with lovely even 2b waves thinking that I would trade in all my ringlet bits for an even, predictable curl pattern.
Cherub 2c/3a Fii,porous
Wash:KC Come Clean
Condition/Leave-in:Devacurl Decadence
KCCC,AG:Recoil,Arc Angel
Love:protein Hate:Garnier
Experiment:at-home color
Mod CG since 7/22/09
So, moderators, since wavy hair varies enough in texture that it can't all be treated the same, why are we all lumped into the same 2 category?

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