Newbie with hardly any knowledge of being curly

Hey everyone...I'm a single mother from a very small town in Missouri....I never discovered my curls until about a few years ago but I didn't know how to wear them and care for them until now since I've discovered this site...I've never worn my curls out but everytime I shampooed my hair, I'd see a curl pattern but I'd never let my hair air dry enough to really see the pattern, I'd always pull my hair into a tight ponytailed bun when wet and let it air dry like that so that it would be semi straight then when all the way dry I'd flat iron it straight and that was hair has lived off relaxers since I can remember....I used very small toothed combs and hard brushes on my hair, damaging it for many first step going curly was the "no poo" and already saw a difference the first time and geting compliments left and right.....I'm a product junkie and loves to try new things on my hair....I've been a guest/stalker on this site for about 5 days now and just now joining......I'm glad to be I said I hardly know anything about being curly except what I've learned being a "stalker" and studying the content of the posts on here so there's a lot that I don't know yet still.

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