im here!!

how happy was I to find this website

Hello my name is luce and i am from Rhode island i am 25 years old and i work in a health center...Oh and my favorite color is brown:-p
But lets get to the good stuff...

I have been wearing braids for as long as i can remember i do not like to relax my hair b/c i get breakage and i can count on one hand how many relaxers i have gotten so i would wear my hair braided which is a nice natural style BUT...

still i felt that braids were still an excuse for me not to show my real hair...and im sick of getting to the point in my life where i want to make decisions b.c i want to not b/c i m afraid of what pple will think therefore i want to say goodbye to the braids. If i didnt braid my hair then i would weave it into a short style b/c i didnt want to relax my real hair or wear it in its natural state in other words i was embarrassed by my real hair....Well not anymore....Im making a change and its coming very very very soon....(It would be sooner if i didnt work 40 hours a week and also a second job on the wkends but those are my issues lol) hair looking at the types seems to be a 4b...and i want my own natural hair to be out from bondage (can i get an amen!) and i want it healthy!!!! and i thank this site and the pple here for being here to help me do so and for the support that im about to receive

so there is my introduction....
thnx for having me

My soul is alive
We're so glad you've joined us.
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!

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