New and extremely overwhelmed, lol

Hi all, I am new here and have been going through the forums here and there is just a wealth of information. There is soo much that I am extremely confused and not sure where to start.

So I have naturally curly hair that has been damaged by highlights and color. I am trying to get my hair to a healthier state and I don't know what to do. My curls are frizzy and werid now. The ends don't curl (I may need a trim) and I get alot of shrinkage when its curly so I tend to flat iron it alot.

I have alot of breakage and I am dire need of help. I have started taking hair vitamens and been using emergencee by nexxus which has helped a bit. Can anyone help me? Where should I start?
Hair type: 3B/C...not sure where to start!
First and foremost, you need a professional trim. It would not be worthwhile to use lots of expensive products on hair that is fried at the ends and breaking off. I'd also recommend Lorraine Massey's Curly Girl book as a starting point.

OK wow! I read the book and I started the routine today. I am amazed. I thought that my hair was in bad shape, nope! Its sooo healthy and bouncy and the curls are sooooooo pretty and no frizz! woohoo
Hair type: 3B/C...not sure where to start!

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