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Hello everyone,

I have read Curly Girl and have been trying to follow the program for a couple of weeks. I have had stringy days and scalp flakiness. I have tried the lemon rinse and the brown sugar exfoliating, but last night found my scalp flaking big time again. I then realized this morning that I hadn't checked my conditioner for the bad ingredients, I am using the new Sunsilk De-Frizz conditioner, does anyone know anything about it? I have been reading posts for hours and can honestly say that I am sinking deeper into confusion by the minute. Is there a clear list somewhere about what is a silicone? I feel myself teetering on the brink of shampoo. I haven't even been able to decipher a good gel either, some of the products at the drug store don't list the ingredients, what's up with that?
You should be able to find a silicone list at this link
The conditioner you are using is loaded with cones (Cyclopentasiloxane and dimethiconol), so you'll need to shampoo those out and start over with another kind (sorry!). I have found that lists ingredients, and usually does too, so I check out a lot of products before going to the store. If you want a recommendation for a new condidtioner, most people here like suave naturals, which have no cones. As for gels, you can find a lot of info searching the boards, especially the product review one.

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