About me???

Decided to go natural on I guess a whim...Thought to myself why not. It's sad and shameful that I don't know what my real hair texture is because I've had a perm over half of my life. So haven't had a perm since May of this year. Got about 2in of new growth and it's CrAxY!!! I don't know what my hair type would fall under, but it definitely a mix of some stuff. I am going to guess type 4 I have tight coils and waves.

Since May I've been doing some flat ironing, not too much, it's too much of a battle that I am not trying to fight...besides I am not going to burn myself around my ears, etc. Pony tails, braids, and I had a twist set...but with it getting longer this hair is resisting to the point of me air drying it and trying to part it and almost came to tears trying to part it, lol!!! Ladies my roots are SeRiOuS!!!

So I am here trying to learn more about how to deal with my hair and not go back to a perm. My hair wasn't falling out from the perm, I was just tired of getting them and with the stylist I was going to assistant kept burning me with that crap and I just said no more! Besides with all the chemicals in our environment who knows if there will be a side effect that hits us in our later years? I just took my cornrows down and have been wearing it wild for the past couple of day and people actually like it (yet it's been hella shedding so I am kinda freaking out about it).

I'm still getting use to it, but I guess with all the feedback I have been getting I am going to keep it up for a few more days before I wash it...which I am dreading because I have to deal with some many different textures, permed and the natural textures. I'm not brave like some of you to cut it all off...I don't want to look like a lil boy, some of you can pull it off and still like feminine, but I don't have that type of faith in my looks, hehehe! Any hue I know I am being long winded, but thats my story. Thank you all for your time, lol!

I am in Chicago, so if you know of any good shops to go to for this transition period I would appreciate it.
What's my hair type???? THICK! THICK!! and THICK!!!

Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!

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