Newbie - can long and curly look professional?

Hi everyone,

I've visited this site for a few years and gotten lots of great tips - finally decided to register and participate.

My hair: Born curly, stayed that way until 5 years old. Thick and straight until puberty, then got very curly and stayed that way! I have very thick, long ringlets (3B). I've worn it short, long, and shoulder length. Short was great when my kids were babies, but I think short hair makes me look much older. (I'm 37, most people think I'm 5-10 years younger - not complaining!) I keep it long now. The curl is so much better with some weight, not to mention my husband loves it long! I've found products I love, too! I live about an hour from a major city, though, and I can't find a decent stylist here. That's another reason I keep it long. With my busy work schedule, I can only get to the city for a haircut ever 4-6 months!

So here's my dilemma. I am a professional, and sometimes I think my long curly hair not only makes me look younger (which, believe it or not, is a disadvantage in my profession) but makes people take me less seriously. I have been experimenting with ways of wearing it up, but it's so thick and heavy that I get headaches, or it just doesn't stay in place. I'd love some recommendations for professional thick & curly hairstyles for the workplace that allow me to keep my long curls when I'm not at work.

Thanks for listening... I'm all ears!
You might post your question over in General Discussion; you'll get lots of tips there.
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!

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