newbie mom needing help with biracial daughter's hair!!!

Hi Everyone!
I am a curly caucasian woman, living in Toronto Ontario Canada, with a biracial(black & white) daughter.
She has loose, soft curls on the top part of her head, and has just started to get dry, coarse curls at the back and bottom of her head.
I have been using Baby Love to help moisturize the curls, but I am not satisfied with the outcome anymore.
If anyone could give me some advice about moisturizing/styling products and caring for my daughter's hair it would be greatly appreciated!!
Thanks so much!!
Me too! I'm new and I also have a biracial daughter (black & white - the best of both worlds!) whose hair I'm trying to find care advice on. She has soft almost loopy curls underneath and tighter curls on top with absolute frizz at the front sides (I think that hair is just damaged as it gets the most exposure to the elements because she LOVES to wear it in a pony tail all the time). It's such a tricky type of hair and it falls into far more "type" categories than I think gets listed here. I never did like the Baby Love on my daughters hair or any other "black" hair products. They tend to make her hair feel really awful (dry), heavy, coated, or sticky. Other "regular" or non-ethnic hair products leave her curls without any definition or control. She is eight years old now and I'm still on a mission. When I see biracial kids with great looking hair I always ask what they use...we have tried just about everything. I'm at a loss on products - however a good cut and putting a little conditioner on her hair after towel drying (I use it like a styling product) goes a long way. Just want to say good luck to you! I hope we have found the place for answers!
Without having seens pics, I would recommend buying Lorraine massey's Curly Girl book and considering good quality cone-, sulfate- and petroleum-free products such as are found in the Curl Junkie line. The DevaCurl line also great, but the conditioner contains a cone (and conveniently there is Low Poo to remove it LOL).

Yes, my hair has improved since giving up the sulfate-based shampoos and the crappy conditioners.

Also, I think setting realistic expectations is important (not saing you don't...but I'm just throwing it out there). These children's hair is not supposed to look like mom's hair...nor is it supposed to necessarily look like anyone else's in particular. The large volume, the lack of shine, the inconsistently formed curls (just using these as examples) may be exactly the way their hair is suppsed to look.

Thanks spiderlashes5000! I don't know anything yet about what to look for as far as "avoid" ingredients are concerned so that is most helpful. I'll post a pic of my daughters hair - absolutely gorgeous! I have FAR more trouble with my 2c hair than I do her 3b/c hair. I'm here as much for my own hair as hers. Mostly I want to make sure I'm doing everything I can do avoid damaging her very healthy hair. I think I have realistic expectations about her hair...but on days when I "need" her hair to stay smooth and controlled I want to find products I can depend on (i.e. picture day, church, special occassion, etc.) in addition to keeping it as healthy as we possibly can and teaching her to love her hair and ways that she can manage it. I'm more worried about her getting frustrated with or tired of it as she gets older and then damaging it...because no matter what you tell them, teenagers DON'T often have realistic expectations...they want to look like the magazines (uugghh ). If we can find stuff that works well for her though, I think we are more likely to avoid the "I hate my hair" syndrome.

I just think this is funny with her big hair and skinny little butt...

She is being a goof here but I think you can see her hair best in this one. While it looks like it might be course it's actually much softer than mine...I have VERY thick, course hair. Hers is feather soft...people seem shocked when they touch it and then they can't keep their hands out of it.

Hi & thanks to Casper 928, and Spiderlashes5000!
Casper-your daughter is gorgeous!
Spider-thanks for the info on the ingredients to avoid, and the suggestions for the book, and product lines!
I can definitely relate to the inconsistent curls, and lack of shine, as I am a curly girl myself.
I think my main concern is just trying to keep my daughter's curls moisturized and cared for properly, so we'll have less of a hard time (hopefully ) in the future!
Talk to you soon ladies!
Your daughter is adorable and her hair is a treasure. I can see the challenges too. I do see some shine, although it could be the camera?. It's a sheen with that type of hair, more than shine.

I second the CG book by Lorraine. No sulfates or silicones, etc. I've been on it only a month, and see lovely results. I'm much more into moisture now, like adding oil to my non-sulfate shampoos and to conditioners. This helps my texture, manageability and cleanliness. Some of the curl-centric products you'll find in CurlProducts also have kids lines. Blended Beauty (Blended Cutie), Curls (Curly Q) are 2 I can think of off-hand. I use a BB leave-in on my wet hair and lovvvve it. It is so moisturizing and smoothing and gives sheen to my hair.

You've come to the right place!
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