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Hey all! I am loving this site! I am a biracial 3C who has been transitioning since late June. I'm loving my curls and am enjoying learning more about how to care for them here.

I've been a SAHM for several years and have been relaxing since junior high. I'm returning to the workforce in October in my first professional job since completing my graduate degree. I'm very interested in getting my hair routine (and how it looks) down to a science before I head into that brave new world.

My mother is also biracial (dad is white), but I grew up watching her fight her curls, so I did the same thing. Plus my sister had very easy-to-manage curls, and by comparison, I was always embarrassed by my crazier/kinkier hair. Now, I love it.

My two boys also have curly hair and I really want them to embrace themselves in ways I never did. Luckily, the world is much more diverse and accepting of curly heads now and my boys both love their hair, too.

Looking forward to chatting with and learning from all of you!
What a lovely post! Thanks so much for joining us, and congrats on your transitioning.
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!
I've been natural since 1997 and have learned to embraced my curls/kinks/spirls. I'm often complimented by strangers on the street on my defined spiral curls. For years I have been in a love/hate relationship with my hair, but those days are long gone. I've also am a fan to color. I dye my hair honey blond. (like Mary J. Blige). I am able to wear different style, with the exception of blow dry straight. (I just am not patient enought, it just takes too long). Although you can't tell by the picture, my hair lenght is pretty long approx. lower back when wet and extremely thick. It's great to have a website dedicated to CURLS AND KINKS.

Extra Thick Zigzag SpiralTop Nappy Blond 3C circa 1997

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