Hello all! I have been wearing my hair naturally for many years. However, just recently I saw a young AfAm on the plane and was truly impressed with her locks! I usually wear my hair up or in twists and I usually do it myself. I am interested in wearing my hair down and in its natural beauty, but I desperately need a cut. Can anyone on the site recommend a good salon in the Los Angeles area that does wonders with 4b hair.

Thank you!

Welcome If you post this in another forum you may get some recommendations. On this site they also have a section called Curlsalons up top and there are lots of salons in LosAngeles
Hi! Thank you for responding to my request. I did check the "curl salons" on the toolbar, but many of the salons listed seem like they cater to women with "Debra Messing" type hair. I'm AfAm with hair respectively and believe the stylist needs to know something about my hair's elasticity. I will however, definitely try the products you mention. Thanks again,


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