new and would LOVE some helpful info...

Hey! I just saw this website and am so excited! I've always had VERY naturally curly hair ever since I was really little. It is really tight, fairly coarse, curls all the way to the scalp and gets really frizzy. I can't brush it at all without conditioning it every day. Whenever I was about 12 I started using just regular hair gel to keep it from not frizzing every where and just so that it would lay a little flatter (I usually use L.A Looks brand). I've been wanting to try something new with it so that it would still not frizz up everywhere, but just lay in ringlets and not be so sticky all the time from the gel. I've seen a lot of awesome looking products on this site and I'm kind of overwhelmed , and wanted to know if someone could suggest one that works best for them.

Hi emerald_isle!! Welcome This site can be very overwhelming...just give it time. First you may want to figure out your hair can do this by going to Curl 411 then hairtypes. It will be easier to recommend products knowing this. Then I would post your question in general discussion and your hair type forum. Im sure you'll get lots of helpful suggestions

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