Starting over!

I just found this site yesterday and I am soo excited! I am biracial and have always had incredibley curly hair that no one in my family knew how to deal with so I had a bad hair childhood. In my teens I began blowdrying it straight and everyone loved it but the upkeep sucked so most of the time it stayed slicked back in a bun! I started wearing in curly since college ...always trying new products and never liking the way it looked and finally started relaxing it just over a year ago...also tried to dye it blonde (which fried it) and straightening it with a flatiron til it is so damaged that I cannot wear it curly when I want to looks awful with split ends. So today I decided it was time to start over! I cut it practically all off! I have sworn to myself that I will from this day forward LOVE my curls and accept them as God gave them to me! I will not touch them with a flatiron, but allow them to grow out and be beautiful and healthy!AllI need to do now is find the right products to keep them that way...any advice? I just bought Catwalk Curls Rock Sham./Cond. and Bedhead Smalltalk @ the suggestion of the stylist that cut it...but we will see. This my 1st time I am trying such expensive products (Usually I use supermarket brands like Dove, Pantene, Fructis, Vive.ect...)
You have definately come to the right place. Lots of fellow curlies are in the same boat as you Im sure you will get lots of suggestions. First I would figure out your hairtype...up top under curl411 then hairtype. I would repost your question in general discussion and in your hairtype forum. Im sure you will get lots of help and suggestions. Welcome

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