Hi Everyone:

My name is Denise, and I've long been a lurker, but I recently purchased a product I'm unsure about, so I've decided to dive right in and join the curly conversation. I would say I have Nicole Kidman-type curls, when hers do not look fine, thin, and wispy, as they have a bit, of late (the dangers of dying, I suppose), and despite coming up to her elbow, I've been told I remind people of her. I seem to remind people of two of the best known curlies, actually, Nicole and Sarah Jessica Parker. Believe me, it's mainly the hair similarity, and the same shaped face, I suppose, but there's no danger, at all, in my being mistaken for either.

On a personal note, I just finished my Ph.D. at the University of Miami (a place I commuted to for four years, driving nearly two hours each way), and on Wednesday, I start as a Visiting Assistant Professor at a local, private university in Palm Beach County. To go along with my "impressive" degree, I have an impressive loan bill, and note the "Visiting" in my title. It means no health insurance, and a very low paycheck. So, I can't afford to throw my money away on products that may not work.

I use DevaCurl. My curls like it, but I don't think my hair color does. I think it turns my dyed hair gold, when it's meant to be beige. I've ordered the Jessicurl sample pack for dry hair to see if that will work better with my color. I'm really concerned, though, about the amount of this product it seems you have to use. I use a drop of the Deva, a tiny drop, and it goes a long way. I hope people can give me feedback about this issue as it relates to Jessicurl because I'd feel better using a nearly all-natural product, but a puddle of product is not what I'm after. I want something that uses the "less-is-more" philosophy.

I appreciate any feedback you all can give me. Nice meeting you.

Note the rather sarcastic quotation marks around "impressive." My nephew just graduated from high school, and he's making more money than I am. He has health and dental, as well. I didn't want to come off as bragging.
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I'm glad you've decided to de-lurk! You'll get a lot of great information that will hopefully save you money on products, and give you the results you want.


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