Somewhere in between-I think?

I tried this no-poo method once before, and it definitely gave me more wave in my hair, then I got frustrated because it looked greasy at the scalp (wrong conditioner, I think) so I got a perm which I'm now trying to grow out-and I got pregnant to boot, (8 more weeks!) and I'm sprouting curly, curly hairs all over-corkscrew curly!-but not enough to make the rest curly. So, instead of pulling it all out, like I really want to do, I'm trying again.

Heres the problem-my canopy is curly, my underneath is straight, it curls to what I'd guess is 3a or b even when it's wet, but no matter what I use, it straightens considerably-almost completely!- when it's dry! (This is the unpermed part of my hair I'm referring to here...)

Should I wack the perm off and see if that helps? (less length/weight, maybe?) It got pretty wavy when I tried this last time, but Im hoping it'll work better this time...It's just made it down to my bra strap and I'm loving it, but if going shorter would make it curl better, I'd give it a whirl....I wish Lorraine was closer, I'd just go see her and get an expert's opinion!

Not much of an introduction, is it! I'll try better next time I post...

Thanks for putting this site up-it inspired me to get with the program again!
I don't know if this will help, but my stylist texturizes my hair. I have shorter and longer pieces. It's shorter where it might drag and longer where it's curlier. Actually, since she's been doing this, the once shorter sections are now longer and still able to hold the curl.
I'm a newbie myself, so I think I'll leave the advice to the more experienced members, but I thought I'd just post to say "Hi and welcome!"
And to congratulate you on your upcoming birth, of course.

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