Learning to Embrace the Curl

Well, I made my first post in General Discussion without thinking ( ) and have spent a few hours here at the site reading around and I have to say, it's nothing short of inspiring to see so many curl-fabulous people in one spot.

Shortly after finding the site I tried Plopping (link included for those of you who are wondering "what is plopping?") and am already impressed with the change in my hair. My curls are bouncing around happily right now, instead of being tucked up into a ponybun.

Apparantly I have type 3a hair that I've never known how to take care of, being the only one in my family to have inherited it from my great-grandfather.
I'm a natural girl at heart, but recently I started straightening my hair. I love the look, but hate the damage it does to my hair- not to mention how much time it takes!

I've learned more from this website in a couple of hours than I have in a lifetime of owning my curls. Thanks to everyone who's put up with my questions and who will in the future.
I'm just like Kaiyah... I've had curly hair since I was born, just that I never knew I had it. Always brushed it coz that's what everyone around here does, and I ended up with frizzy hair, with some waves at the bottom. I hated it, so I got it rebonded when I was 18. Three years later, now I've decided that there's only so much straightening I can do... it's just so time-consuming, and annoying. And the flat top doesn't help either. So I got a ceramic perm on my rebonded hair to help me grow out my natural curls. Yes, tell me about all the chemical and heat damage I've subjected my hair to. I'm hoping I won't have to resort to chemical treatments again ever!

Luckily for me, my hair isn't all that damaged, coz I've always conditioned it with natural herb oils and stuff... And now, thanks to NaturallyCurly, I'm learning how to wear my curls without my head turning into a frizzball. I live in Asia, where most people have stick straight hair, and the curlies are mostly going around with frizzy hair, coz no one really uses styling products and stuff. I didn't even know what a diffuser was until I came across this site. And I had to hunt all around town to get myself one...

I've got very fine hair... I would think it's wavy. 2C, I guess.. with a tendency to get really really frizzy. I'm South Asian by ethnicity, which is why I don't have naturally straight hair... which isn't such a bad thing. I think curly hair is pretty fun, even though I tend to look a lil' messy most of the time.

Okay, this is really long, and I've been rambling on and on... but I really like this forum! I'm learning so much.. I think I could learn to really love my curls in due course.

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