hey hey

yet another username, password...another membership! i dunno how many of these i have all over the web...LOL.

anyway, i'm runninrican. i'm hispanic and black and am trying to wear my hair natural.

i haven't permed for a year. (yay! ) yesterday i went in for a cut, but it didn't work out. the beautician didn't agree with me cutting ALL the perm out b/c the front of my head takes longer to grow than the back and i only have about 1.5-2 inches in the front grown out. whereas in the back and middle i have like 3-4 inches.. i don't mind going short...but she looked like she'd have a heart attack if i cut it off. what is the best thing to do in this situation? should i go ahead and get a short cut all around or should i give the front more time? if so...any tips on managing half permed, half unpermed hair?
Im sorry I dont have any tips as far as managing permed hair but I wanted to welcome you I would post your question in general discussion and Im sure you'll get lots of advice

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