Ugly curls

I am 13 years old and I hate my curly hair. It's a little wavy on top but it has spiral curls underneath, and its really frizzy and poofy. I got a new hair cut and its medium length with layers, I usually straighten my hair but with this new hair cut it just curls up right away. So I need some hairstyles that will look good with my hair for school. PLEASE HELP!
Hey Vballgirl! Welcome to the forums! Have you checked out the Curly Teens forum section here? I bet you will find some great tips for styling your hair for school there. I wear mine down most of the time, so I'm afraid I'm not much help as far as that goes.
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No curls are ugly curls! All you need is some good styling products and a little patience. Use a deep conditioner in the shower, comb out the tangles (starting from the bottom up, you don't want to rip or break your hair), and twirl it into loose spirals after you wash out the conditioner. You're beautiful and natural. Go out to school and rock it!
okay, i'm really confused about this combing hair in the shower bottom up method... i was hoping one of you could tell me how this works? bottom up meaning from the ends of my hair to the roots? but that would just tangle everything up, wouldn't it? and if i try to comb my hair wet (from the roots to the tips), it just starts breaking. even when i do it with my fingers.. so i just don't comb my hair. sighs. i don't have major tangle issues, but i wish my hair were neater and nicer.

i'm really having a hard time with my hair. it get so frizzy whatever i do. sighs. maybe it's the weather where i live, terribly humid. and i really hate using products on my hair.. so having to use styling gel and all that daily has been really heart-wrenching. i used to have rebonded hair, and now that i've decided to go natural... i'm still having trouble coming to terms with the high maintenance!
Asiancurlz, it really isn't that hard. Trust me! I had chemically straightened hair from the age of six till I turned 23. Then I went full on natural and I'm loving it. Visit my page,, to see how I style my hair. (on the About Afrobella page)

I had no idea about combing from the bottom up until I interviewed Lisa Price, the inventor of Carol's Daughter products. I tried it all weekend and it worked great! She recommended detangling when my hair is dry. Haven't tried THAT yet, but I got in the shower, washed my hair, then saturated it with deep conditioner. After I let it soak in for a bit, I took the nearest strands of my hair and started combing gently from the tip, heading up to the roots. That way I wasn't yanking on my hair to pull out a massive knot in the middle of it, I was coaxing the tangles out from the bottom up. Does that make it any more clearer? Get some Pantene Relaxed & Natural, or whatever conditioner you're using now, and give it a shot. I live in Miami, FL - land of humidity. My hair gets major frizz, but I am learning how to deal. I shy away from gel products and instead use leave-in conditioners, and stuff like Fructis soft curl cream. My curls are hardly ever neat, but they're always nice!

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