Hello from SC!

Hello everyone! I was looking up some info. on a new curl product on the market and stumbled over this webpage. I've been looking around and you guys look like a very fun bunch!

My name is Emily, and I am 22 years old, hailing from good ol' humid South Carolina. I've had very curly hair since I was around 10 or 11. Before then it had only been wavy-borderline-curly, and then over the course of about a year, it grew very curly. I went through a few years where I did NOT want curly hair, and straightened my hair every day for god knows how long. All that led to was badly damaged hair ends and very, very frizzy straight hair by the end of the day. What a mess. I finally cut off all the damaged hair (my hair was to the middle of my back, and I had it cut to just below my cheekbones) and went back to wearing it curly, and that's how I've had my hair ever since. My hair is a little longer, but still above my shoulders. My hair normally does well, and looks very cute, but when the humidity is at its normal high I have a problem keeping my hair de-frizzed as I go through my day. By around 5:30, you can tell I have curly hair, it just looks more like Carrot-top's as opposed to well-defined curls.

Whew! Now that you've met my hair, it's time to meet me. I'm a preschool teacher and have five wonderful three-year-olds in my class :-). They are absolutely darling and I love my job! I'm also going back to school to get my degree in Early Childhood Education. I'm an avid, avid movie fan (classic films in particular) and also enjoy attending the theatre. I love all types of music, sans hip-hop and some country. I'm very active and involved in my church, and also enjoy spending time with family and friends.

I look forward to getting to know you guys!
3B Corkscrew... I'm back on the boards now! Just got The Big Chop on Monday, pics coming soon.
Welcome and nice to meet you!

This is a very nice board with a very fun bunch of people!

Sound slike you need something with a little bit more hold maybe.
Try figuring out what type of curls you have and check out that type's forum for tips.
(Look at the "Welcome, newbies"" forum for the typing stuff. There is a thread there about it.

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