I am finally embracing my curls after 22 years.
I have worn my hair up for most of my life, I know.. pretty boring right?
But I finally made the decision to wear it down naturlly. I was so sick of wondering if people would make fun of my hair, or wondering if it looked bad. Why should I be scared of my hair.. thats so silly. And, I am looking forward to standing out, and just being happy with the way I am.
Let those curls be free!!! Welcome You've come to the right place. Im sure you'll find lots of great info for taking care of those curls
Thank you!
They are free... and I love it. Its actually such a relief that I know I dont have to put it up everyday. What a drag that is. No one should be ashamed for what they are given.. glad I finally learned that lesson.

I too, am a 3C
For YEARS I wore my hair up daily....no I am learning to love my curls and wearing them down more often. I still wear my hair up more than I should...but I am certainly getting better about it.

Oh by the way..if you havent seen this link it is very helpful as far as reading the boards....helps with all the Curly lingo

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