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Hi every1

Im a new natural and new to the boards! Looking forward to chatting with you guys and learning more about my naturalness (lol)
Hey! I've been creeping around this website trying to find ways to get my dry not smooth/silky wavy/curly hair to look better and get it healthy. I finally decided to make an account. I'm determined to get my hair to be healthy and look pretty and not be dry and frizzy.
hello community. a new guy here. i've passed through site many times in the past few months, but never joined, as i was searchng for a place that had both male & female presence so i could reate to others on mutiple levels and what not. i happened to do a little more in depth scooping tonight and sawthat this site is very much what i've been looking for.

i've been on what i consider my hair journey since november 2009, when i chopped my dreads off, which i had been growng for a year. before that, i was all over the place... from corn rows to straight-hair relaxers to even curl relaxers dating back to my young youth...

the past year and 2 months have been the first time in my life that i have allowed myself to just let my hair be my hair & not trying to fit into any type of context.

i have learned tons over the time and was pleased to discover the many natural hair communities. #teamnatural!
Hello everyone, I've been lurking around here for years and years. I finally decided to grow out my curls once and for all after years of straightening left my hair brittle and damaged. This site was a big inspiration. looking forward to meeting other curlys
so I big chopped and really feeling ok about it. I'm looking forward to this journey of growing out my hair and feeling brand new! Anyone else bc'd as well recently?
hey all! i managed to find this site when i was digging around for curl info about a year ago. but now i'm finally taking the plunge and going CG! i'm pretty clueless but this site has soooo much info. my brain actually hurts a little. anywho. howdy!
Hi everyone! I recently got my BC in Dec' 2010, and I have been doing my research in trying to find websites that resourceful as well as have a great community of naturales who like to help each other out; hence, I wanted to join

While I'm not exactly definite on what curl pattern I have (mix between 4a/4b or majority of 4b and a little of 4c) - if you could help me identify it, thanks in advance! - I am interested in learning and helping others achieve what they want to do in their hair journey. Of course, in the past I had misconceptions on what my hair can do, but I just realized you have to invest more time in yourself, case in point, your hair to know how to get what you want with your hair type.

Products I have used so far:
- (Shampoo & Style) Uncle Funky's Daughters Rich and Funky Moisturizing Shampoo & Good Hair Conditioning Styling Creme -(Conditioner and Co-Wash) Suave Professionals® Almond + Shea Butter Conditioner
-(Oils) Curls™ Champage & Caviar Curl Elixir to seal in the conditioner) or Coconut Milk Oil
-(Defining Curls) Uncle Funky's Daughter SuperCurl

Help needed: I am looking for a cream-based daily moisturizer for both my scalp and hair, so that I don't have to keep on 'watering' my hair every other day. I think the daily use of water irritates my scalp. Its really hard to find something that states in the instructions that it can be used in the scalp, too!
Good evening ladies and gentlemen
I am brand spanking new to the world of no poo and have just found this site. I'm hoping to get a lot of information and, of course, good times out of this too.
I am currently on week two of no shampoo, have been using the CO wash once/week so far and I'm feeling a little gross, to be honest. My hair is in a state of transition, I know. My lovely roommate is going to pick me up some baking soda and apple cider vinegar tonight so I can try that rinse to see if it will help to lighten the load of oil in my hair.
I am a 2c, my hair is damaged from a lot of chemical dying (I have decided to go back to henna as I found a place that actually sells it in my town! So excited) I stopped shampooing altogether (the last wash I did was at the salon with a sulfate free shampoo by Redken) after my last haircut.
I'm wondering how long it takes for most hair types to balance out? I realize that it could be weeks to months, and am therefore going to be scouring these forum pages for tips on how to make this journey a little (or a lot) less oily.
Hello everyone... I am newly natural and new to this site, so I guess I will start from the begining:

My name is Jasmine.Honai and I am 22 years old, from the DC area. I BC'd in November (29th) and I have no regrets. I have been getting relaxers since I was 4 years old so I never really knew what my hair texture was until I went natural. I have 3c/4a very well mixed throught my head except the very front, which is 3c. My goals for this year is to learn what my hair likes and what it doesn't like in its natural state. Right now I am doing a lot of protective styling and breaking my product junkie habit (LoL) but I think I am actually getting somewhere. (I GAVE AWAY ALL of the hair products that I had... It was two big 12 Gallon containers full)

I have learned that:
- my natural hair HATES 'cones' of any kind.
- not everything that says it is 'natural' or 'organic' is what it says it is.
- I like making my own products (i.e. Body lotions, hair products, body washes, and shampoos)
- Essential Oils are essential (LoL)
- Curl envy happens to everybody, just know when it occurs that you are God's creation and NOTHING is wrong with you.
- TWA's are FIERCE!!!
iiLUVmiiCURLz Newly natural and loving my 3c/4a hair...

Hi curlies! I'm new to the site and am happy to find all of you here. Like most of us, I have a combo of many different types of curls. Mine range from 3a on my outer layer/shaft, 3b in the middle section of my head and 2c underneath. Ever since I found my amazing and affordable stylist in San Diego about six years ago, my hair has been transformed and I love my curls. Sometimes I use products to really enhance the 3b look and sometimes I go for a looser and fuller look (like in my little profile pic.) I look forward to meeting all of you!

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Hi everyone! I'm fairly new to the site..I'm long term transitioning and as of tomorrow, I will be 1 month post relaxer!!!! I am so excited and I LOVE my hair!!! I sooo love this site as well!!!!
is there a list of products that are cg friendly? that would be a great starting point for beginners. a great way to get started without all the over whelming ingredients and figuring out what ones are cg friendly and which ones are not thanks
is there a list of products that are cg friendly? that would be a great starting point for beginners. a great way to get started without all the over whelming ingredients and figuring out what ones are cg friendly and which ones are not thanks
Originally Posted by azchic76
You can check out here:

Curly hair products | Curly hair care :: Curly Girl & No-Poo
Hey Everyone,

Long time lurker and fan of the site, decided to finally introduce myself, make an account and officially make myself a part of the curly family. I'm closing in on 3 years natural this September
Hi everyone

I stumbled across this forum while surfing on YouTube. I have been natural for almost two years. I did my big chop on March 9, 2009. While haven't look, back I have been struggling with my hair. I'm not having any trouble getting to grow but I am having a moisture problem. I have combination of 4A/4b and some 4C hair. I look forward to talking to you all.
Hello everyrone.. greetings from the peach state (GA).

I'm 3C and have been natural all my life (27 years).. well for the most part. I put a texturizer in my hair 2 years ago..wouldnt do it again. At this stage I can proudly say that I'm at a place in my life were I fully appreciate, and for the most part understand my hair. I'm seriously considering locking my hair up at the end of this year and I plan to really maximize my curl experience until then. I look forward to sharing and learning with you all.

Oh yeah, annnnnd I LOVE MY HAIR!
I am new and growing out damamged, bad hair dye
I Chopped my off about 4 months ago... I LOVVEEE the new me..... its almost like The hair was hiding me... and now that its gon Im not afraid of ANYTHING!! I was always so shy and timid... I feel like the change just brought the lioness to the surface!!
so I big chopped and really feeling ok about it. I'm looking forward to this journey of growing out my hair and feeling brand new! Anyone else bc'd as well recently?
Originally Posted by shereet
I am new and growing out damamged, bad hair dye
Originally Posted by tinkerbellyellow
WHat happend with the hair dye?? Did you do it yourelf??? Just asking because thats why I cut my hair off... I am actually a cosmetologist and let a student while I was in hair school experiment on me during our color unit.... BAD MISTAKE!!! lol So would love to hear your story... I could probably give you some pointers
Hi everyone, I've been checking out the forums for a while now and finally decided to make and account and introduce myself, my name is Sarah and I'm pretty sure I'm a 2b/3a

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