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Hello, everyone
I'm pretty new to this site. I'm a bit lost. To be honest I'm really not even sure if this message is being put in the right place. But if it is. I have a daughter that has natural hair and I been on her hair journey for eight months now. Although, I have done pretty well on my mine I can always learn more. So, I'm open to all suggestions and comments.
Hi, I hope I am doing this correctly! I just joined and am hoping to get some advice for my curly,uncurly hair! It tightly curls on the top of my head and back to about 3/4 of the way down and then the curl really loosens, sides are very loose s-curl, almost straight! I often use curling iron on sides and back part to get it to look closer to the rest of the hair. Hair is colored with Loving Care as I am allergic to ppd hair color. I would appreciate any advice on getting this hair to work without a ton of products. Thank you, and I love the site! BTW, I am 65 yrs old and haven't always had this crazy curl. Hair was wavy for many, many yrs and for some reason decided to do this! Yikes!
I've been a frequent visitor to Naturally Curly, an "unofficial member" I like to call myself. I've been on this natural journey of mines for 7 years now... I got my first relaxer when I was 8 years old. I decided to go natural during my Jr. year in High School. Despite the lack of support at the time I just knew that it was the right thing to do for me.

I'm currently sporting an afro (last month made a year since the BC of my locs of 5 years). I'm really missing them and have considered locking my hair again---Maybe a fellow Curly will inspire me...

My hair is a combination of 4a/b-more 4b, Cottony/Spongy texture which seems to have gotten thicker after having my daughter. My natural hair color is a dirty sandy brown/red/blondish color (the red in my hair is gone probably from relaxing over the years). I've never really colored/dyed my hair because of the unevenness of my hair tone. But I love to use Henna!

Growing up, I've used practically every product under the sun. My mother was a product junkie so it was inevitable that I too became one.

Products Currently in Rotation:
-Trader Joe's Nourish Spa Shampoo (Clarifying Shampoo)
-Trader Joe's Nourish Spa Conditioner & Nunu Love Naturals La Leche Conditiong Cream (Co-wash)
-Nunu Love NaturalsMango Malai Softening De-tangling Cream (Detangler)
-Nunu Love Naturals Manuka Honey Shampoo (Moisturizing)
-Njoi Creations Ayurvedic Hair Butter (Hair Conditioner/Scalp Treatment)
Hi, my name is Cassie, and I have put DOWN the sulfates and the 'cones!

I bought myself the CG handbook as a late Christmas present and have been trying to handle my hair more carefully. That step alone has shown me that my natural curls are still in there; I didn't outgrow them, I just dyed over them for so long that they relaxed away. I was already looking to go natural color-wise and did a BC in June. Not one drop of dye has touched my hair since then, and I love the color--it's this gorgeous honey brown with golden overtones.

My curl pattern is pretty loose right now, averaging about a 3a, with medium to low elasticity. I haven't done the glass test on a strand of hair, but it takes forever to spritz my hair wet, if that helps. There may just be a LOT of hair! Today, all curled up, it's sitting about an inch below my earlobes. I'm hoping for a little more length by June, when my best friend is getting married. (You should see her curls...) My hair has historically done best in long layers; I actually miss the cut I had the last time I was growing out a BC.

Today, since I'm running out of product anyway, I bought myself a bottle each of Kiss My Face Whenever Shampoo and Burt's Bees More Moisture Conditioner. I also have a trial-size Tresemme Tres Gel 4, since my beloved Garnier Sleek and Shine is loaded with 'cones (the Tresemme only has a PEG cone) and a satin sleep cap. I have three cats who love to knead, so a satin pillowcase would suffer! I am taking it as a good sign from the universe that my checkout person was a fellow curly girl who understood what I was after.

We shall see what happens!

love from
the girl who has some heat styling implements for sale
s t a r l e t :: @ Fotki
goals apl :: no more frizz! :: 2nd day hair (yeah, I know)
wash giovanni TTTT
condition burt's bees more moisture
leave in/gel nivea essentially enriched body lotion (!) :: tresemmť tres gel
can't do heat styling :: no-poo (yet)
Hello All; I should have introduced myself sooner.
I have been wearing my naturally curly hair since 2000. I had to cut it all off after a Stylist tangled my hair so badly during a shampoo. I wore Wigs and Weaves for some time after, not taking care of my hair at all. I somehow thrived, and grew to MBL. Since I did not know anything about hair care, It did not retain that length for long. With all the Flat Ironing and Coloring, I have lost quite a bit of hair. It is now sparse, porous and damaged to say the least.
I prefer not to use too much product since my hair is fine, and will go flat. Things that can be found in my Pantry and Refrigerator are my preference.
I started this journey on 01/20/11 with BDL hair which has seen much better days, and hope to stimulate some new growth to fill it out a bit, and retain what length there is.
There is a ton of useful info on this Forum, and I am looking forward to absorbing all or most of it.

Happy Healthy Hair to All

yea i'm new here i've been on this site like 800 times and finally decied i should get an account.i did the big chop nov 2010 and kept it in braids/weaves the whole time.when i took it out i relized i have no idea what to do with it.but i'm learning and this site has been a huge help but i'm having a really hard time with shrkinage and curl definition.also i have two kind of curls wtf..the back of my head is like 2a and i have no idea why.but,imin love with the curls i see when my hair is wetand the confidance my mame is bringing my inner lion.
Hey everybody,

I'm new to the whole My last perm was April 29, 2009. But I recently started learning how to take care of my hair. It's so good to know there is a community will to help each other.


My hair is COMPLETELY damaged from heat to the point where my curls will no longer curl . I made a promise to myself and my hair that I am not going to use heat anymore. What do you all suggest that I do to moisturize my hair? What moisturizers and leave-in conditioners do you all suggest? I usually use mixed chicks, and I wash my hair with aussie moist. Also, is the moisturizer placed in your hair prior to putting in the leave in, or after? Any suggestions for different shampoo's and conditioner's to wash my hair with? Protein treatments? When my hair did curl, I had 3B curls. I hope I am able to get them back.

Thank you all (=
Hello everyone, I am a 3b type. I am so glad to find this site. I have struggled with my hair for some years trying different products, so many my dresser looks like a beauty supply store. I had numerous arguements with my sister (whom does not have curls) about my hair. she comes up with so called solutions(which I've tried all of them). she thinks I make a big deal over my hair, so it is great to see that there are others that feel my pain. people seem to think if your black with curly hair, you have no problems, you got it made and your just looking for attention. welcome to all the other newbies. Stay curly.
Hey there everyone! I should have introduced myself to this site a long time ago! I'm not new to the natural hair world...
Brief history:
Last Relaxer= September 2008
Transitional period lasted 6 months before I got impatient & went in for the kill. The...
Big Chop= March 2009
Hair Type= 3c/4a mixture
March 27th, 2011 will mark the 3rd year that I've been completely natural! WOOT! WOOT! You would think by now I'd have a steady hair routine/regimen or a permanent hair product "cocktail" that I use faithfully. Unfortunately, I have neither. This journey for me has had its ups & downs & at one point, I completely gave up on my hair ever doing what I wanted it to do! I stopped taking care of it & finding products to help it grow & stay healthy. I started wearing wigs & weaves to cover up my natural curls & kinks. As a result, some of my hair broke off & it didn't grow much. I almost relapsed & went back to CREAMY CRACK! Luckily my natural-hair-rockin' friends talked some sense back into me & I went to Youtube for some much needed "HAIRapy" (hair therapy) & I was quickly revived & inspired to keep on keepin' on! That's what brings me to officially join this site...I have a newfound LOVE & APPRECIATON for my hair!! Rock on, Newbies!

I'm Marcus. I'm 17 (turning 18 on April). I have 3b and I love it.

It's hard to grow my hair long since I'm a guy... (you know, parents, peers and stuff... ). I've always wanted to have long hair... since I was like 5 maybe. It's only last year that I had the chance to let it grow long.

I think my last haircut was March 2010. It's been a year... My hair is 6 inches so far... and I want 36... or longer.

Doing CG now...

oh... I'm a fan of natural products and homemade recipes too.

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Hi, all! I am new and overwhelmed! I think I have 2B or 2B/2C wavy hair. I am trying to find the curl analyzer that is mentioned in some threads but not having any luck.

My hair is about to the bottom of my shoulder blades, what I would consider fine, all one length and frizzy. I have been doing a daily CO-wash for several months now. I shampoo once a week or so, if my scalp feels oily or itchy. I have a tendency to get a flaky scalp. I was using Giovanni Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner, because they helped with the flakes, but the conditioner on its own doesn't seem to do it. I bought a few different conditioners from Whole Foods to try out. I used Desert Essence Daily Replenishing Tea Tree conditioner and liked how soft it made my hair. It also seemed to keep my scalp flake free. I just ran out and started using the Whole Foods brand grapefruit conditioner. My hair feels dry now. I've used Giovanni Magnetic gel but find it too sticky. I've tried another of their gels but don't love those results either.

I try to use products that are as natural as possible. I'm considering trying the FSG I saw on another thread. I like for my curls to be defined and lie still--not a lot of fullness or tumbling waves. I do Dressing Your Truth ( and my Type 4 energy needs "still" hair. I don't have layers but could if the overall impression is that my hair is blunt cut.

I'm sure the proper regimen is in here somewhere, but unfortunately I don't have a lot of time to sort it out. Any help with products, routines is greatly appreciated!
Hello everyone!
Im new and im very excited about this site! I am going back to my natural hair, and this time for the rest of my life! Iv relized that natrual hair was better for me! 2 years ago i was natural and my hair was very thick and wavey! But...last august before my junior year started i decided to get a relaxer, i kept up with the relazxer and through out this year i only had 3 and my third one is my last! I had no problems with the relaxer this year, my hair stayed thick and it was very silky, but i got bored with it and taking care of a relaxed hair was too pricey and i couldnt do alot with my hair b/c it was always plain!
I cant wait to see my thick crazy hair again! lol...
I am not going to do the big chop! i am going to get my hair braided untill i reach the hair length im comfortable with and cut the ends off and then continue with the braids! i will keep you guys posted on how my journey is going! thanks!
Hello everyone!
I'm new ,too (what a surprise in this thread ) I decided to sign up here because I'm still kinda getting the hang of handling with my curls/waves.
That's actually a funny story: I've got exactly the same hair as my father. When I was a kid, it used to be completely straight. Then there was the time it was so puffy and frizzy I absolutely hated and straightened it every single day. Not too long ago I noticed my hair becoming less frizzy and curlier instead, but I'm still dealing with frizz once in a while. I'm not really sure about my hair type, but I guess it's 2c. My father says his "hair journey" was finished when he was 18, so I hope for some more curls in the next two years
I don't live in the US btw so sorry if my english isn't always the best...
Hi All! I have had slightly wavy hair for years, and it is getting curlier/wavier as I grow older. I really like it, and am trying to encourage the curl by starting the CG no-poo regimen. Four days in, and it's getting progressively more defined. Only co-washing (after doing an initial clarifying), and using ArcAngel.
Hi I'm new, I just thought I'd post it here to formally introduce myself.
Hello from Tampa Bay, FL!

January 2010, after years of dealing with this humidity, I decided to go natural by growing out my roots for 4 months then cutting off my permed hair! My hair is extremely soft and curly and has been growing out nicely.

My issue has been keeping my hair moisturized because I have naturally dry hair. After using a few lame products (that I won't name), I finally found two that I absolutely love! Taliah Waajid Curly Cream by Black Earth Products and Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Finishing Lotion. Now, I just need style ideas for this length of hair. Anyone??

My styling time since the change to natural went from 30 minutes to 5 minutes! I am sooo happy!
Hi, my name is Amy and I am so happy to find a site for curly hair. I have long, thick, coarse, red 3a hair.I also have a little girl with 3b-3c hair starting to come in 3a though I am really interested in ways to get it healthy and manageable for me as well as my little girl, so she always knows how to care for it. I had it short till I was 19 and became pregnant then grew it long, but never learned how to care for it properly.I'm hoping through this site to get it even longer and healthier. Thanks for all the great tips and posts, it's almost too much to take in. I also am hoping I picked the right hair type, my hair like I said is very thick, hairdressers are always stunned a 3a said it was thin, but the pics I seen of 3b almost seemed a little too curly. So I'm thinking I have a mixture, maybe someone can help me with that. Thanks a lot.

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Hello everyone!!!
Iím really excited for the blog and sad because i have been struggling with my curls for a long time. Iím scared of everything and everyone that wants to do something with my hair. (LOL) But, i hope that this place will help me find a right product for my hairs since I am going to give it a second chance before a cut it off.
My type of hair is 3B and i just recently bought the blended beauty cleansing conditioner, the detangle and the leave in condition. i tried all of them at once it left my hair all waxy, then i tried it separately and it still get frizzy and dry.
I really donít know what to do at this point because i already spend money on these products.
What can I do??
Im i missing a step??
thanks everyone

I'm a 3a (with some 2a) curly and I wanted to introduce myself to everyone. I just found this website a week ago and fell in love. I learned a lot by going thru a lot of the articles and links. I had no idea about co-washing, but ever since I saw it, I've been trying it. I even went out and bought the whole Pantene collection for Curly hair and the deep conditioning treatment. My hair feels so soft already. I'm very thankful for the creators of this website because there is usually very little about curly hair. We live in a straight hair world and if you do have curly hair, everyone wants to straighten it. I love my curly hair and wouldn't have it any other way.

Hope to get to know some of you on here and learn more about our fabulous curly hair.

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