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I have been natural for 5 years - 3c/4a hair. I did not go about my transition the correct way. So now I am trying to repair/recover from heat damage !!
I'm a naturally curly caucasian and I've fought with my hair for 50 plus years - and lost every battle. I'm a 3C, I think, with BSL hair that I color and until last week, straightened. I thought that Chi was God's gift! But with the southern heat and humidity, I'd rather not have to do that. I've grown it out long enough that I won't look like I'm wearing a clown wig when I let it curl. So now it's time to try letting it curl. And I have frizz, frizz, and more - you guessed it - frizz. One guy who used to work with my hair said "it dries angry".
So I'm looking for all the tips, products, and experiences others have had for some help.
Hi my name is Rachel. I'm another newb lols. Im from New Zealand this site is awesome. I wonder how many other people from over seas are here or just me? I've had naturally curly hair my whole life and have no idea what to do with it, or even treat it to make it look nice. It took me ages to grow into though I used to hate it when I was a kid especially when it came to brushing time. but I love it now, I just wish I knew more about how to handle it. Im pretty sure Im a 3a type I dont think its 3b honestly I actually have know idea. What would you say I was? lol.
Hi All, Im Ayanna I've been transitioning for about 6 months. I am enjoying this journey but it can be a tad bit overwhelming because I have always went to salons to get my relaxed hair done. Now I am trying to learn how to style and care for my transitioning hair. I live in New York and with the summer approaching and me being a woman that loves to head to the beach, I am wondering if it would be a good idea to braid my hair. I am thinking along the lines of cornrow extensions is there anyone that can offer me a bit of advise
yea its perfectly fine to put braids on your hair its protected and it will grow

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Hello all! I am so excited about the natural journey!! I have been transitioning for almost 4 months now. I've decided to wait until September to cut off my relaxed hair. I need ideas for styling transitioning hair, preferably air drying and not using a dryer much. Glad to be here!
I happened across this site in the results for some Google search that I no longer remember. Now I can't seem to leave. I have literally spent hours at a time on here trying to learn as much as I can.

A friend gave me the Curly Girl book (can I say that here) and my interest was piqued. I am still in the transition stage and am studying product reviews like mad. I am very hesitant to try the expensive products, but am a victim of the "higher the cost, better the product" mindset.

I am a little confused about my hair type - I feel like I could be a 2b or a 3b. I am leaning more toward 3b because I "lightweight" products do not tend to help my hair. I think I may be one of those people I have seen mentioned who is a 2 but can become a 3 with product. I'm sure it will become clearer as I experiment with products.

(I am confused as to why it says I joined in Jan 2002 and have 13 posts. I joined a day or two ago and my account only shows this one post. ??)

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Hi ladies!!
I am an avid follower of's Curl Talk section and I just wanted to let you all know that I was one of the curlies chosen to be one of's hair vloggers!
Although I'm in college, I still try to use inexpensive products and do simple if you're interested in watching....visit!

I'll be having my first curly product giveaway soon, so hurry and subscribe to participate!!!
Also I love feedback on my videos...if you think I should talk about other things or show you more...TELL ME! =)
hi all!

im elena, my hair has always been natural no perms relaxers none of that but when i was in middle school everyone who didnt know about my hair told me to cut it myself so it would grow faster which i did and its been short ever since like 3 years which was probally due to splits that i havent cut its been pretty frustrating and i want it back and ive recently for 2 months now started to take care of it good and it grew alittle which made me happy but i hope this site can help me learn more! im excited to be here
im 3c with alittle 4a's at the ends
my hair is about alittle longer than my chin (dry) but wet it touches my shoulders
my goal in 3 months is to be at my shoulder length again ( i hope thats a realistic goal?) im already 2 months in
Hello All!!

I'm new to the website but, I've been natural for about 4 years now, and I'm a 3c hair type. I stumbled upon this website looking for information on wearing my hair curly.

Even though I've been natural I normally flat iron my hair throughout the year only wearing it curly during the summer months due to humidity frizzing my hair so much. Also I have decided that I am going to embrace my curly hair more because of the Flat ironing I have heat damage on one side of my hair and I really want my curl pattern back...

So I'm on the road to recovery to find my curl pattern again!!
I have been natural for about 6 years and I am saddened to say I did not chronicle the transition in detail and I wish I had done so. I hope to remove the term "good hair" from African Americans brains.
I believe when your hair is healthy, that is when it is most beautiful
Getting regular trims, roller sets, and even flat ironing sporadically will keep your hair healthy.
I have gone through a hair crisis for the last six months. I let someone close to me color my hair and she did not use neutralizing shampoo after she applied the color and my hair has been in shock and traumatized for the last 6 months.

I have not been able to apply heat for the last 6 months and it has been a trying time for me.
My hair has enough curl to it that I have been unable to find anyone to trim it while wet and so it has been splitting profusely.
I hope to get it flat ironed and trimmed then go back to roller setting my hair on a weekly basis, even though roller sets do not last and the roots in the front have changed textures from the shock and trauma.
I hope to be able to bring my own tips and tricks and to gain some information as well.
I am excited that blogging about natural hair is a positive and life changing experience for us all! This is fantastic!

TIP: I believe hair changes every 6 months...

I am my defines tells the story of who I am and who I will continue to become. My hair, shows my strength through troubled times and my ability to continuously adapt to that change and growth.

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I'm new here and I'm lost nd dnt kno where to start. Im not gonna do tha big chop jus keep getting it trimmed...So somebody plz help me with this task!!! I need to kno wat type of products wrk gud
Finally!! People who understand curly hair. I came across this website through youtube and i am just soo excited. Like alot of curly girls i always had my hair slicked back in a bun or ponytail from the age of 12 to 21. Once in a while will i have it down (half up half down). I just never knew what to do with my hair. Not alot of damage though, i would straighten maybe twice a yr and ive never dyed it. I read the Curly Girl book in Sept of 2010 and started CG method in Oct. It has completly changed the way i look at my curls. It took about two wks before i really noticed a change in my curl pattern. I always have my hair down now and just love showing it off. lol. Now looking for diff hairstyles to do as well as products. Glad to be apart of this community.
CG since: Oct 2010
Curl Type: 3b/3c/3a Fine hair mix
Shampoo: every 2 wks- Organix Moroccan
Co Wash: Suave Waterfall Mist
Leave In: LA Bella Placenta Cond.
Gel: Garnier Curl Scrunch
Plop: 1 hr then Air Dry: 2hrs
Hi everyone,

I've been natural most of my life (all but five years) and I normally wore my hair flat-ironed, pressed or in cornrows. However, with the collective wisdom of the natural hair community, I'd like to try some heat-less, corporate styes.

My curls are a 4a and a 3c combo. Any recommendations would be welcome!
Hi, I'm new. I've been natural for ten years, but most of those years it was loc'ed up. I'm still trying to figure out how to take care of my hair.
Hey! Im completely new to the whole learn live curly! My journey began at puberty when my straight asian hair went through some genetic hair mutation and decided puerto rican hair does it better, at the time my family thought it was hormones and humidity...we were wrong. I am type 2C bordering on least I think so, once again I am a Newb. At the moment I recently turned twenty and so far I'm doing the co-wash routine, using gel correctly for the first time in my epic life and struggling for that second day hair glory! Thank you and friends for your guidance and getting me and my newfound curly confidence this far. We salute you!
Hello everybody!

So I've been at War with my hair since birth. I'm 3A according to the charts, and, although I love my hair, I tortured it throughout my high school years. I've been natural for the past 4 years and have been trying find ways to control the chaos. I swear my hair has a mind of it's own and what works one day doesn't work the next. I'll be posting questions in the appropriate forums, but I just wanted to say hello on this gorgeous summer solstice.


Hi Curlies and Kinkies!
My name is Alisha, and I am 25 and live in Decatur, GA. I transitioned for about 3 or 4 months, and last Thursday I did my BC!!! I just wanted to say hey, and I am glad I found this website because it is very informative!!
...I am the "E" in E's Garden. I'm naturally curly (type 3C w/ 3B in the back). When I was younger, I was NOT trying to wear my hair natural! Wanted to assimilate - LOL! I usually just "wash and go"... spent a few years as a PJ and more recently was faithful to the Aveda "Be Curly" product line. I liked it. I make handmade organic soap and body care items and I have begun making products specifically for my hair (as well as for my Hubby's 3C/4A hair and my daughter's Type 4 hair). I stumbled on this site in my quest for more information. It's been a great resource for, I finally joined

The product review threads have been wonderful to read. I have sampled just a few of the lines talked about here like Miss Jessie's and others. I started reading the labels of these fantastic products and thought, "Ewwww! petrolatum? mineral oil? Silicones? Carbomers and PVP's (in gel products)?"

I am on a quest to create good hair products that are made with natural ingredients, that'll moisturize w/out heavy build up. So far, me, my family and close circle of friends/acquaintances are using the things I make - so far so good!

Love the threads. Love helping someone out who may want tips. Love to be educated

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Hi, all . I'm Jessa and I have recently learned that my hair isn't straight. I am 35 and things started changing after I had my first child. I wasn't sure what was going on, I just knew that I suddenly had fluffy hair that had to be restrained. A few years later I learned how to blow dry my hair with a round brush, and it looked good, but took a lot of time. Eventually I stumbled onto the flatiron and did that on a daily basis until a few months ago when I noticed that my hair was thinning. I slammed on the breaks to all heat styling and decided that I was going to have to figure out this strangeness that was my hair.
I found NC in my searches to figure out how to treat my hair gently and was a little surprised to learn that I just might have wavy/curly hair. Before I was putting all sorts of things into my wet hair to give it some curl but all I had to do was give it enough moisture. It was a revelation.
So I am now on a hair odyssey doing what I can to figure out just how to work with my wavy/curly/sometimes straight (underneath) hair!

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