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I am C.McDonald from san antonio, tx new to the site and also new to natural hair. I did my BC Jan 2010 so I am sporting the TWA right now. I wear some full wigs during the day at work and condition and comb my hair out in the evening. I believe I have 4a hair for now. I hear as it grows out it may change texture.

I am in need of a really good moisturizer. My hair is really dry has always been that way. I have purchased some unrefined shea butter which i mix with olive oil and coconut oil.. in my own little concoction however it still does not hold moisture.

any help would be appreciated.

Hi Everyone. My name is Sue and I live in Virginia. Our town is small and not many people seem to know how to handle curly hair. I would like to become a specialist but don't have a clue where to start. Can anyone help?
hello... this forum is odd for me..I just need to get used to it.
My name is Candela and I live in NYC...I am not sure about my hair..I put 3c but I think it is in between 3c and 3b..idk it is oily but then dry. Complicated lol
I'm not new, but I was gone for a year. Now I'm back! My hair has looked it's best in the past two years since going mod-CG and I'm excited to be back
I'm an Aussie swim-instructor, and now I'm looking for help to combat the chlorine coating my hair
Hi again!
2b, medium, lots of them
CG: 21 Apr 08, Mod CG: 24 Aug 08
My blog: Can't Stop Thinking About Hair
Hi everyone
ive been natural for 1 year now, but is has been stressful and im considering relaxing my hair because it really is less work then my natural hair. i dont want to but i can find any salons that can help me. im not sure what my texture is because my hair is tight and it feels nappy to me. if i had to guess i would say it was 4b. i dont know what products to use and i cant seem to find a style that makes me look good. it all always seems as if i havent combed my head lol. plz help if you can thanks
Hello fellow curlies,

I am so happy to find this site--people who actually understand and appreciate curly hair! Anywhooo, I have blonde, little past shoulder lenghth, 3b-y-ish hair. It's been curly all my life. I've been curly all my life and I'm ready for a change in my hair style: it's cut straight across the bottom and I usually wear it down w/ a part and a few clips to hold sides back. I just need more shape to it--besides the much despised triangle! Well, that's it for now. Thanks for all the support and tips-I'm way excited!

Hi. just joined today. thought I would say hey! lol.
I think I am 4b..? with 4a across the back. I just know it's full of coils, kinks, and curls gathered into a fro . Oh well... anyway this site is great. these threads are very helpful. Thanx!
Mrstrent--- I agree with you. I have been natural for about 2 years and I am a 3c/4a too. I am looking for a product that helps keep my curls moisturized and bouncy. I have used Miss Jessies products in the past and they are ok but leave a build up on my hair and my hair is sooo stiff. Lately I have been using Carols Daughter and I really like it. It doesnt really help with the shrinkage but at least my hair is still soft and it moves. Any suggestions??
I am grateful to find the NC site! I live in Boise, ID- which is windy high desert 90% of the time. I have been stumbling through life with my hair. My goal is to have my hair in it's natural spirals to my mid back. I am ignorant of protective styling, I was always a tomboy and never experimented with style. I look forward to more of your photos and stories, and sharing my own.
Hair Type: 3B- (guesses... med porosity, fine/med coarse, low elasticity)
med/dk brunette w/ 20+% silver
Style: 'benign negligence'
Length: shoulder length (stretched and wet) and just below ears (natural dry)
Products: 'cone care John Frieda Frizz Ease
Routine: 'poo 2x a week, co'poo daily
Big Chop: Feb. 2008?
NEWBIE! 3/31/10- I will transition to the CG method, protective style, and use henna colors. Now I need a trim every 4-6 weeks, and it's taking forever to grow!
hello i am new here..ive been lurking for a while and decided to join today. i have been natural for about 6 yrs now and it wasnt something that i thought of just sort of happened and i luv it..over the years i have gone from different hairstyles and textures and have been wanting to switch up to just naturals curls now and wanted to know wat products i should use to make my hair look nice and curly. i dont really have a regimen.. i usually do a wash and set and a blowiout..thats been a regimen for the past 2 1/2 yrs.. i wanted to do something different for the summer and lay off the heat! anuy suggestions would be nice..Thanks!
Hi, I'm a Newbie. I transitioned for about 6 months and then did a bc at Thanksgiving. I'm loving my natural hair, but just can't get the hang of twists.
hello all from nyc! 24 yr old, curly head, been abusing my hair since forever and have now joined this site in hopes of finding ways to undo all of the damage *fingers and toes crossed* lol. I look foward to learning as much from u all as possible! see u around
Hey! I'm new. I have enjoyed lurking for several weeks now, and I've finally decided to join. I think maybe I'm a 4a girl. Next month will be the 1 year anniversary of my Big Chop!
Soooo happy to be part of this group. I'm totally in love my with my curls. I've been wearing it natural for the past 9 years. Yesterday I read for the first time of the no-poo I started that night when I got home. Looking forward to healthy looking and more gorgeous curly haired days!
Hello everyone one!
I'm a newbie.
I'm from SC so it's really humid here.
Please and thank you
Hello Hello.

Curly girl from Philadelphia. Used to check this site out years ago, but just simply forgot about it! Now with Facebook and all of the fan pages, I found once again! I never even realized this message board existed! So happy that I have found it.

I am a 3a (or so I think!). I have fine hair, but a lot of it. Well, I had a lot of it a month ago before I chopped most of it off!

I currently use Abba Pure Curl Shampoo (thanks to this site), Suave Volumizing Conditioner and leave in Volumizing spray. To style, I have been going back and forth between something that I got at my salon called Crazy Curl & Pantene Mousse for curly hair. My curls have a mind of their own, sometimes!
hey all! Im pretty new here. Been looking around for a few months now but only just found this part of the site for new comers and clueless people like me... and thank god I did. Finally all my questions answered!.. I will no longer have to wonder what a co-wash is .. I didnt realise but i was already doing it =D

Anyway thanks to all the people on here who provide this useful info and made it easy to find once i got to this part of the site! Hopefully i can learn enough to help my curly friends =)
be young, be foolish, but be happy
Hello, everybody!

I am new to the site and just wanted to introduce myself. I have been natural for 2 yrs now, and must admit that I struggle from time to time with staying this way...(my husband wont let me relax it , which is good, I guess)...I have had it color treated in the past, but chopped all of the color off last August 2009. It has grown out tremendously since then. I live in humid Florida, which does nothing for my hairs moisture level. I never paid much for my hair products except for one time when I purchased Carol's Daughter..(it was okay, didn't buy again)...but recently purchased from a few product lines via I am excited to get them...hope they come this week!

Feel free to chat with me...and check out my You Tube vids....they are listed under my user name.

Much Love...God Bless>>>Mignondee

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