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Just recently I finally decided to let my naturally curly hair be itself. Based on what I've read, I'm pretty sure I'm a 3b. Unfortunately, the whole going naturally curly process has been a little difficult because I still don't really know what products to use and don't really like how my hair looks. My curls are either crunchy or sticky (not soft and touchable the way I'd hoped), plus I don't know how to style my curly hair in a way that I think looks attractive).

I'm willing to stick with going naturally curly though in hopes that I'll soon get the hang of it.

Two weeks later... Really glad I've stuck with it! I'm beginning to see the results of caring for my hair completely differently. What's especially nice is that I'm slowly liking my hair more and more.

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Hi! I'm happy to find this site!

I'm mixed (English, Jewish, African) and I've been wearing my hair natural all my life. My hair is very fine and highly porous and responds well to protein.

I'm used to my hair being 3b when I lived in humid places like NYC and Miami and I loved that springy look. But now that I'm settled in sunny, dry Southern California, my fine curls just go all limp and straggly, esp. 2nd day. Looking for advice and help, esp. with looking managerial-professional in LA, where straight hair absolutely rules! (It's been non-stop updos since I got here.)

Looking forward to being part of the conversation!

What a great forum! My hair is in horrible condition and I hope to find some tips on how to start a regimen that is right for my hair type which is mixed 4a/4b. Also looking forward to meeting new people.

Hi, everyone!

I found this site today and it was like a light shined down upon me. Okay, maybe a bit dramatic, but I had no idea there was a site dedicated to curly girls and guys like me!

I'm Nikki, 38, married and from Ypsilanti, Michigan. As far as I can tell from this site, my hair is type 3b.

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. I straightened it a lot when I was younger, but when I reached my 30s I gave up and decided to work with what God gave me. I didn't completely give up. I still straighten my bangs, which I know looks weird, but it looks so much more weird if I left them curly. I would LOVE to not have to straighten them every day. Hopefully I'll find a lot of advice on here as to how to make my bangs look better left curly.

I'm excited to meet so many new curly friends!
For those looking for tips/ideas here are some!

I'm a newbie, I have 4A hair, and I just cut my hair short. I've also been using SheaMoisture products. I use their Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo and their Coconut & Hibiscus Conditioner as a leave in conditioner and styler. Its been working really well!

Either way if you all go to tab "Products" and then click on "Product Reviews" you can search on the left hand side for whatever you want and look at the reviews of people with the same hair type as you. That's how I came upon Shea Moisture products and its been working great for me! Check it out! :-)
Med coarse & porosity
Last straightened:October 2010
Length: Short
Cleansing: SheaMoisture Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo
Conditioners: SheaMoisture Coconut Hibiscus Curl and Style Milk (CO, Leave-in CO, Detangler, Styler)
Co-Wash: Suave Tropical Coconut Conditioner

"I am not my hair, I am not this skin, I am not your expectations no. I am not my hair, I am not this skin, I am a soul that lives within!"---India Arie

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Yall im new here and kinda slow
i Just thought i would introduce myself
hay hay hay!
Hello everyone!! So excited to join this site and find info that will help me with getting a regimen and good product. I have 4b-c dry hair. I found on here that I should try qb aohc and I finally got it and it has done wonderful..yayy!! but I am still seeking to get the shine, ive got the soft need the shineI also tried the kccc but it leaves white sticky stuff in my I doing something wrong? kckt is off the it. Any advice pleaaase feel free to share
Hi everyone!!! My name is Adriana and i'm a newbie to the site. I'm also new to wearing my hair natural. I've used flat irons for YEARS and i'm just FED UP with the whole process. I'm a 2c, maybe a 3a (can't quiet decide) and I have no idea how to properly take care of my hair. There is SO MANY products to choose's actually pretty confusing. I'm looking for something that will moisturize my hair, while giving me curl definition and fight frizz (I have LOTS of frizz)...Does anyone have any suggestions?? Thanks a bunch and I look forward to chatting with you all!!!

Committed to CG in mid July but am more confused now than ever!
Meet with a Deva stylist and because I'd like my hair to grow she encouraged me not to get the "neaten up" cut I came to her for. She said she could show me how to use products and style to get a neater look. I walked out of salon with beautiful thick, glossy curls and instructions to only wet my hair once a week. That lasted three days! Have not been able to duplicate look since.
I will keep trying but as I said before I am confused!

3b short!
How do I create a siggie at the bottom of my post, where I can link my HG products, pics, etc?
I've very recently (this week)begun learning about my hair after 45 years of frustration. I read the Curly Girl Handbook, and found my way here.

When I was a little girl I remember when a hairdresser neighbor cut my hair with a razor blade and said, "I can't believe your mother let you walk around with hair like this!" She prescribed weekly cholesterol and hot oil treatments to try to "smooth out that mess." It was as though she implied that my lack of personal grooming skills or something caused my frizzy curly hair. I spent most of my hair life blow-drying my hair and keeping it damaged.

I have what I think are 3a curls, but I'm really not sure. Some hairs are wavier, others are tighter.My naturally very dark brown-black hair (some grays) is badly damaged from coloring, and I've been growing out past regular henna use for almost two years. My hair has always been very dry, plus I destroyed my hair with henna and lemon juice, to the point that I wake up with unintentional dreadlocks. My hair was very long but it was breaking and matting, so I recently cut off a lot of hair into a shag-type cut. The shorter, newer hair seems like my hair's "old self" but the long parts curl into stringy clumps. When I separate them, they frizz badly. I have two "clumps"on either side of my face that shape strangely and don't curl as much as they mis-shape. Can the wrong cut cause this?

I want to let my hair be natural and I don't know if I should start with all short hair, or if my damaged hair will eventually find its curl pattern again. Is there a recommended "starter" system for extremely damaged, not-used- to-being-curly hair? Any help is greatly appreciated.
Is all of the information good for all ages or just adults? Was wondering if it will be safe for my 2 1/2 year old daughter who has 3c/4a type. Very thick hair... Love it when it's wet but hate it when it dries. Looks so dry and lack luster and poofy and frizzy! Hardly could leave her hair out.

Oh! We live in FL, so you know the heat and humidity is the enemy. LOL!
Hello Naturals,

I am excited about being part of naturall curly...curl talk. I am looking forward to being a part of the threads and forum. I have been natural since 05 and I experienced with some hard water issues and cut my hair from mid length to a twa. I am starting all over and I am really looking forward to the styles I did not have an opportunity to have when I transition.
Hello All,
I am newbie, Charlotte NC. I successfully went through the big chop challenge yesterday Wed 8/24/11. I have had such a high confidence level and spirit since then. I pray it continues. I am striving to grow and gain my hair type/texture that I had back in 2000, pre-relaxer hair.

I will definitely need the support!
hi girlys,

im a curly lady im 20 but from 10-18 i straightened my hair i was bullied for curls. i now embrace the curlyness but i want it to go curly from the roots n it wont
help anyone?
Hi Curly Pals,

Just saying hi! Been wearing my hair curly for AGES. Once in a while I'll get a cut that I can flat iron and wear straight just for a change. But when it comes down to it, I LUV my curls. I'm a 3a and I color to cover up those darn grays. I just started the no-poo, no sulfates, no "cones" protocol and I'm experimenting with different products and styling techniques. So far, so good. I've been getting Ouidad cuts for the past 2 years and that has made a difference. I always thought my hair looked great until I found this site. I know in a few more weeks it's going to look even better.


i am brand-spankin-shinyy-new to this whole naturally curly hair care ordeal! I have been having trouble with curl definition, products, achieving healthy-bouncy curls for AGES, but I am now on to a great start of a NEW JOURNEY!!

i am 21 ... and have already begun a regimen which I LOVE & wouldn't mind sharing (peek my avy) ... it was my second time trying out my regimen ...

**someone please help a newbie create a siggy & post pics !**
i believe i have type 3A hair (the description fits i think??!)... i could be absolutely INCORRECT ... assistance in this area as well please!

lata curlies !
Hi I'm new to the website, and I've been natural for about six months. I'm having troubling detangling my hair any suggestions?
well since my bc i eliminated all products with alchol in it. i mean everything. now all i use is olive oil, honey, h20, and my Hydratherma (shampoo, conditioner, and leave in). after my bc i wash my hair every single week. One time. I have seen my hair grown tremendously. though i am 4c, and can hard to manage i know it has changed my life. currently my hair now is in a sew in to give me a break (i still love my weaves) even though i should be wearing a wig but my hair is not pulling edges at all. i do plan on trying new products like the black jamaican castor oil, emu oil, megatek, and vitamins becasie i need my edges to grow back thick like when i was born. so for those with any advice about thin edges plss holla back. i will have pics up soon. thanx 4 reading my posy new here also and looking to find new info n meet new ppl. :
Hello all, I'm Sissy. I'm a 2B with an unnatural amount of frizz (I've been told that by many a hairdresser) I've always wishes I was one of those people who could just put their hair up in a ponytail without having to hairspray my entire head and put on the biggest headband I can find to cover it all up. The failure to make these precautions when I was younger resulted in some very embarrassing summer camp pictures, and the donning of the nickname "Frizzy"

Another problem I have with my hair, that I didn't really think anyone else had until I read an article on here, is a sinful amount of uneven texturing. On the right side of my head, there is this one lock of hair, when the rest of my hair decided they were going to be all wavy, they must have missed the meeting, because they decided they were going to be absolutely pin straight. Thus ruining hairstyling for me forever.
*dramatic faint*

I've decided to go natural with my hair (except for the hairspray, that ain't going nowhere) because 1. Straightening my hair requires me to get up earlier, which I do not enjoy, and 2. I actually kind of like my wavy hair, it's better than boring old straight hair.

And you guys have some pretty rockin' smileys on this site

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