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Hello all...I've been growing my hair out for a while, but I'm ready to embrace my natural curls and transition from a relaxer ("texlaxed") to relaxer-free hair.

Currently, my hair is about arm-pit length and I plan to transition by slowly cutting off the processed hair. I like to rock braid-outs and buns mostly. I was previously getting touch-ups between 4-6 months, I so I know it'll get rocky at that point. I joined a while ago, but I'm ready to become active with the that the ladies here can help me get through the rough patches!
Last Relaxer: 11-1-13 | Big Chop 6-28-14

Hello Curly Friends,

I think I'm a 3A. My hair is fine, dry and blond-ish (I've been getting highlights and lowlights for years). I'm looking forward to reading all the product reviews and advice from my fellow curlies.

Hi, all girl curls

I am from Lubbock, TX


I haven't use a relaxer on my hair in the last 4 years, but I have kept myhair flat iron straight. A little over two months ago I had saw a YouTube videoabout natural curly hair and explain how you could tell if you hair was damageor healthy. Letís just say my hair was not healthy with all the flat iron andhenna I been doing to my hair. I made the decision to stop using my flat iron,henna, and comb and to see if I could get my hair back into a healthy state. Itísstill a long going process, but I have seen a lot of changes in my hair thanksto this website and helpful post.


Newbie here, hailing from Louisiana... 3rd and FINAL time natural!

*WARNING: Due 2 lack of natural hair care knowledge, curlies will be annoyed with mutiple questions...

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Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for creating this community. I have what I believe to be 3c/4a hair and am so excited to learn and share with you guys. I've already found a lot of useful information on this site!

My name is Heaven, and I'm new here.
I'm trying to figure out what exactly my hair type is. I've guessed 3a, but I really am not sure.

I use to have super tight ringlet like curls when I was a little girl, but I hated them and have flat-ironed my hair for probably 11 years. I am now 20 and I know that all the styling has greatly affected my curls.
It now seems they change from day to day. Some days it's curly at the roots and limp at the bottom and sometimes it wavy in the middle and straight at the roots and at the ends.

I'm trying to find ways that I can style my hair curly and it actually look good, and not just a crazy mess. I'm looking forward to all the information this site has to offer.

If anyone could help me out, I would very much appreciate it!
Helo to all
I'm a hispanic with natural curls that fall in the line of 3b/3c. I, as most, like my hair when it is wet. I've been told many times about conditioning, all that has worked for me these years is Suave Humectant both shampoo (2x a week) and conditioner, (5 days a week), a generic form of paul mitchell skinny serum, and L.A #9 Gel. I color my hair as well using Wella products. I wish to not use products that have oils that just grease the shaft, but to use something more natural that will penetrate and not make the hair frizz but years, i have yet found such a product and have spent $$$ for to long in guessing. I hope that my search is over. Being a woman, we already have enough on our plates as it is and worrying over our hair 24-7 just adds more stress. I hope I can gain some insite.
Hello Everyone.
My name is patricia monique I'm Puerto Rican/Italian with 3b natural curly hair! Nice meeting you all.
Curly Hair Friends Have a Question to ask you Girlies!!! Its about Curly Hair products? Whats the best Mousse or Gel you Girlies Like? I need to find one Thats Like the old one I been useing for years. But they dont carry it anymore (Suave Healthy Curls Scrunching mousse) And (Sunslik Curly mousse). Please Please need your help thank you l!!! Have a blessed day.
Hello curly friends,

I'm a 4c newbie; haven't had a perm since July and I didn't BC but I have gradually cut the vast majority of the perm out. FYI have limited curl knowledge and styling experience so I will have lots of questions about how-to's and so forth.

Hello, I visit this site but this is my first time registering, I have been natural for 5 1/2 years now. I live in the chicago area just wanted to introduce myself.

I am newbie to this website as well as new to the natural world. I just decided to go natural last month. I am currently rocking a protective style until I get the length I want of natural. There is so much to learn, like my hair type... I have no clue because I have been relaxing for years.. SO I am excited and I welcome any advice or input on products, transitioning...etc.!!!!
Hello from texas!

Wow I cant wait to say that I have been off an relaxer for that long..its only been a month so far but I am excited that I made the decision. I cant wait to figure out my hair type!
Hello, I'm Lacy from Mo. I just celebrated my one yr anniversary of being completely natural and embracing my curly coils. I love my curly hair and I'm happy to be here.
Hi everybody ^.^ After months of just browsing this site, I have decided to finally join!
Hi, textured-hair friends, and welcome to!

I've compiled a list of articles I think you'll find helpful! NaturallyCurly can be overwhelming, as we have 11 years of fabulous content to share with you.

Hopefully these links will help you on your journey to wavy-, curly- or kinky-haired nirvana!

What Is My Hair Type?

Transitioning From Relaxed Hair to Natural
All About the No-Poo Routine
Tell Me About Silicones
Tell Me More About Silicones
All About Sulfates
All About Alcohols
What is Plopping?
A Glossary of Hair-Product Terms
Originally Posted by Gretchen
Something I would find most helpful is a list of acronyms spelled out. There are so many posts I cannot understand at all. For example: KKKK and UFD and CIAB, etc, etc. Using acronyms divide people instead of uniting them. Any way you could help us with this or ask the members to write at least 3 letters per word? CurJunCurInABott instead of CIAB? Just a suggestion to make it easier on newbies like me. Thanks for considering it.

I'm new to this community but have been ordering products from this site for years. I discovered i had curly hair in my late 20's! A long but true story. It took me a few years to accept my fate, but eventually my curls won out! Now, i could never, ever go straight again. I love my curly hsir!

I have a combination of 3a and 3b curls, and the proportion of both varies according to the weather, products, cut and length. During winter I tend to be 3a and in summer 3b. Although I have both types of curl no matter the season. I live in balmy Washington DC so the humidity is a big factor here, as well as a town where most people want to look polished with straight hair.

I have been a Devacurl curly girl for years--this had been the tower product I would return to time and time again. However, I've tried a ton of products through the years and I'm finding new ones out there I like better now than Devacurl, such as Spiral Solutions (although I'm concerned and sad they have not reopened their shop yet).

So now I'm embarking into another journey of exploration finding products that will be purer in ingredients than Devacurl and maybe obtain better results and healthier hair.

I'm very green and ingredient conscious.

I'm also finding that less is better for curls. Less product combinations, purer ingredients, less touching it, less interventions yield more curl clusters and the appearance of the true curl pattern of each person. The trick is in finding the few products that will work magic thru the different seasons and hair stages. And THAT is as complex sometimes as the search for the holy grail!

I'm happy to contribute and learn from so many curl experts in this site!

well i must say its a pleasure to find such a wonderful site like this. Without further adooo I am a 3C and i found this out yesterday!! I have never relaxed my hair, only flat iron for 9 years.
I had soft curls but its just lifeless now. I've noticed when i air dry my hair it looks as if I had blown dry my hair, theres no curls....WHERE R MY CURLS!! anyways i have decided to ease up on my flat iron and concentrate on getting back my curls. In a few days im going for a hair cut and that will actually be my second step.
Hello ! I am so new ... Ok I have been looking at products and reading some post and just signed up . I have a 3 yr old with 4a,4b,3c hair . Her background of African American,Mexican and White she has all three types of hair in one . Now with that said help!! Yes I have had natural hair myself for 9 yrs. I have dreads and they are wonderful!! I just am at a loss about my baby girls hair. I have tried carol daughter, oyin handmade , mixed chicks, hawaiian silky spray conditioner and alot of products for little girls found at local walmart . NOTHING has worked . She has realy soft hair ,but it sucks up any type of mosturizer I put on it. Oyin handmade did ok at first held curls but still dry and frizzy on the ends. Any suggestions would be great . Next stop Miss Jessies but I do not have Miss Jessies money LOL !

I am new to this group and excited to join you all. I currently have (what I believe to be) 4a, relaxed hair. It is BSL and I relax every 13-15 weeks. As I am approaching week 12, I have decided to take the (gradual) leap into natural hair by transitioning. I have no expectations for when I will do the BC. I love having long hair, but I now have more reasons to go natural than I have to stay relaxed. A friend of mine recently burned a large amount of her hair out by relaxing. I am certain I am supposed to learn from her tragedy. I also have two little girls who, I hope, will remain natural. When my 6 year old said, "Mommy, I want my hair to look long and straight like yours" I knew I had to lead by example.

So here I am. Ready to learn and try new things.

Happy Journey!
Hi everyone!

I just wanted to hop in here and introduce myself! I'm Tracey, the Content Editor for I am the brain power behind a lot of what you see going on with the content on the front page, with the user blogs that y'all should totally check out and start if you haven't already, and just some general site maintenance.

Anyway, Gretchen and I both troll these forums and I thought that it was about time I jumped in and said: HEY! If you have any questions, comments concerns with any of the content, if you would like to help create some of it, or if you have a particular article that you would like to see, or a general topic that you would like to see us cover more - let us know!

Go ahead and post that and voice that in the forums - believe me, we're here watching what you say and getting ideas from y'all! After all, y'all, as the natural hair expert community that has helped in building this site, know best what you want to see and learn about!

So, anyway, just a heads up that we're here and that we're listening!

Thanks everyone!!

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