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Hello everybody,

I have been struggling with my hair for 27 years and am starting to come to terms with it. I am really excited I found this website. There is so much great info I never knew about my wavy 2c hair. Glad to know others can relate and help me take better care of my hair! I was wondering how I would test my hair to see if it doesn't like protein, etc...

Thanks ;0)
Hi all! I'm new (this is my first post!!) and excited to interact with other curly heads. I think I am a 3b (although the find your hair type link doesn't give much information regarding 3b...or i'm just not looking hard enough). I have never met anyone with my hair type and being mixed has made my life a struggle trying to tame these naps! I use what I like to call the wet-crunchy look (lots of gel, mousse & hairspray) I have never relaxed my hair or colored so it's failry virgin. I do put the occasional blow dry/flat iron to it. Just looking for some insight and tips that anyone can provide.

Hi Everyone! I am new to the site, but I have been transitioning for about 18 months. After a devacut a couple of months ago, I can say that I am finally relaxer free! I have 3c/4a hair, that I absolutely love. It's kind of temperamental, so currently I am working on finding the right products that keep my hair balanced and happy. I am sort of a pj, but I love to mix things until I get it right. Right now, I have a pretty good regimen so I now figuring out how to winterize it.
My hair has always had a mind of its own. It's changed thicknesses, colors, and textures almost overnight. For the longest time, it was stick-straight, dull brown, and very, very, very thick. I'd gone from the cute redheaded kindergartener with lots of curls to some kind of frizzy zombie . However, I got into an accident and lost almost all of my hair. After years of healing, it's finally grown back- this time, coppery brown and 2C wavy/curly, as thick as it was before. I'm still getting used to it, so I decided to try this site out. Get some pointers, maybe. So now you know.
Hi everyone! I am also new here. I really like this site. I have 3c/4a hair, I think. It's really loose on the crown, maybe just less than half of my hair, and loose on the bottom as well, moreso on the the right than the left. My hair has always been in it's natural state. I just started taking care of it going on 3 years ago. I always had my mom or family members to do it for me before. My hair is changing before my eyes. Between this year and the last, I've realized how curly my hair truly is.
Hi everyone, I'm Tasha and I want to say that I am excited and eager to be learning more about my curls! I have been completley natural for only about a couple months and I am so excited for my journey! I love the forums here and all of the quick and helpful tips! Can't wait to start sharing with you all!
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Hey everyone!

I'm new hear, and just wanted to say hello.

I kind of fell into transitioning… I promised a loved one (as I was getting my last perm) that I wouldn't get anymore major haircuts, only trims… Once she passed, I was too stressed and busy with school and work to go to a salon so I wore wigs and weaves. Five months later I fell in LOVE with what I found underneath and I'm not looking back. However keeping my promise. I will not be opting for a BC, only minor trims to damaged ends until the perm is gone… Someone pray for me
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Hello all,

I am new to this site. I have what I believe is 4c hair and I am transitioning to natural. I am now about 4 months in. I am not doing the Big Chop, so I am looking for any good information and support that will make my transition as smooth as it can be. I really want to be successful at this since I absolutely hate relaxing my hair and would hate to have to go back to doing so.

Hello everyone !
I'm new to this site, looking for tips and advice on getting my curly hair back healthy. For the past year and a half, I've been straightening my hair EVERY weekend. Bad, I know ! But I've decided to throw away my straightener because my hair is looking horrible; dry and brittle on top, but then healthy underneath.
[ I have 3B hair ]
Hi, I'm new joined a few days ago. I am 4b, and would LOVE to know how to go natural, and still be able to manage my hair. When wet, my hair gets extremely tangled even with a relaxer. I tried natural for about a year and a half. My hair was definitely healthier, I pressed it to straighten, but would nearly be in tears every time. Further, I HATED the reversions. I gave up, when my bf joined me in the shower, and it turned into a big afro. I don't have the greatest hairline, so it wasnt a cute afro lol. I would like to know how to minimize reversion, detangle without too much pain, and maybe even something that will loosen the curl pattern, so that even in reversion, its manageable. Thanks in advance., and love the site
hello im chasity and i did the big chop on aug 4th 2011
and i have been braiding my hair and doing kinky twist and just recently i have decided to wear my natural hair and i am excited that i found this site.... need some support
Hello... I am a newbie that BCd 2 weeks ago (11/19/2011) and I LOVE my natural hair. Im rocking a TWA!!

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i kinda need help because this the first i going natural what do i need to start first at.
Hello Everyone !!

I'm Tabatha from FL. My last relaxer was just before my birthday ( which was 07/20/2011 ) I believe this makes me about 3-5 months transitioning.. Not sure how one calculates the process.. Have to say its been difficult ( A LOT OF OPPOSITION FROM FAMILY AND FRIENDS ) But am sticking with it.. Considering the BC.. Would love to hear from you Natural curly Alums and My Fellow Newbies.
Hi all I'm Megan. I'm not new to the CG method, but I strayed from it after I cut my hair short and went back to straightening. Wish I had never done that. Anywho! I am trying to take better care of my hair while growing it back out.
Hey all, I'm new here... trying to get a feel for the site and read up on stuff. I've embraced my curly waves and accepted them (my type's 2b), now I've just got to tame them and get them looking right lol.

I'm LeeAnn btw

Nice to be able to communicate with others and share tips. Im going on 4 months being natural on the 23rd this month..
Hello Everyone!! I'm new to the forum and have had curly hair all my life. My hair has a mind of its own and it does whatever it wants.

If I cut and layer my hair at my shoulders, it will stay curly but it frizzes out and becomes this huge puff of hair on my head.

If I let it grow out, it becomes stringy except for at the front of my head where it's a big, frizzy, curly mess.

I have tried all kinds of products and nothing seems to work. The leave in conditioners and frizz smoothers leave my hair with a chunky, greasy look. I have to use 20 lbs of hair gel just to get the curls to stay for about half a day. I don't shampoo everyday but I do condition.

I'm going to need all the help I can get and find.
Sooo, Hello. I'm new to the site but I guess not so new to being "natural". I put quotes around "natural" because I'm not particularly sure where I'm at through my journey. I haven't had a relaxer since I was about 12 or 13 years old. And throughout my High School years I wore microbraid extensions (which I believe has slightly broken my curls). I'm sure the relaxer is completely gone since when I wet my hair it causes about 75% of my hair to shrink. I absolutely refuse to do a big chop because that style would look absolutely ridiculous on me (but seems to look good on everyone else--call me insecure). I'll just trim my ends as I go along. Then again, I'm in love w/ big curly half wigs/weaves that blend in well with my natural hair as I'm growing it out. So to break it down:

-No relaxer: 6 years.
-No heat: 8 months.
-No microbraid extension: 8 months.

I also would like to start using ORGANIC ONLY PRODUCTS on my 3c in the back-4b around the crown-4a/3c in the front-hair. :-)

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Hello everyone.. I'm new here and wanted to say hi..

I am Bina from Miami, FL. I'm looking to get my natural curls back at waist length naturally and in a healthy way.. Love the support offered on this site looking forward to giving and getting healthy hair tips on here..



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