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hello to my fellow curly ladies Ive been natural for about two years /and never joined a forum so how does this work exactly
Welcome, binabelle, rosa, soulykc and all others! When I first started here, I found it really helpful to just poke around and read as much as possible. You'll find all kinds of helpful threads that address specific areas. This is the "newbies" area so you are in a good starting place.

I also found the search bar (above) to be helpful. I entered key words that I wanted more info on. I searched words like "frizz," "plopping," and "co-washing."

You'll find tons of info. It can all be a little overwhelming at first. Be patient, it will fall into place. Ask questions when you have them. Most folks here are friendly and willing to help. Be sure to post what works for you and what doesn't. That's how we all learn!
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3B, fine, normal to low porosity
Modified CG since June 2010
HGs: FSG, anything with glycerin, Tresemme Naturals conditioner, Curls Like Us cloths, satin pillowcases.
Hello my name is Mikayla.
I've been natural since the end of the summer but just started to get interested in the real journey. I have type 4b hair, and looking for the best way to maintain it and allow it to look nice.
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Hello everyone! I've decided to rock my natural hair for 2012 and so far it's been great! This site is wonderful and I can't wait to learn all the tips and tricks to tame my 4a/b/c curls. Yay!
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Hey Ladies! New to the forum but I hope to learn and contribute as well. I am transitioning back to my natural hair (and it's been a doosie!)

I'm currently mid-back length, almost waist length.
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This is so great.
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I have 3B tight curls, with very thick hair.
Hello Everyone,

I'm Pam, I live in South Carolina and work in a Probate Court. I'm an active person that's always on the go it seems to my friends and family.

I've been transitioning my hair to natural for almost two years now. I believe I have type 3C hair. This is the best site for information and hair styles that I've seen for natural hair. I really want to grow my hair longer and learn to manage my curls as well as have a variety of hair styles with my very thick curly hair, so any all information is appreciated. Thanks.
what did you use or do, to get your hair that long? that's my goal length.
First day on the boards and on the site. Found in randomly one night looking into reviews for a new product I was about to try.

Hope to find a balance in my hair. Right now, 2 days since my last wash, my hair is a bit iffy. I'll hold strong through and work through the products I have to find what works.

I have been growing out my hair from a pixie which I had since about 1999. I've always had big hair but now I find it's getting curlier every day! I use sls- and cone-free products but I'm still looking for good shampoos and conditioners for my hair. I don't like to use a lot of products in it. Looking forward to learning more here. Happy 2012!
Hello everyone! pretty new here. i really love this site. Not sure if i'm posting things in the right spot. I posted something, somewhere on here . I need help getting my curls back! I hope this site will have great tips!
Hello everyone! I have had natural hair for over ten years, but the state of that natural hair has changed. I had locks for about 8 years. I decided to comb them out in September of last year. Let's just say that I have been out of control when it comes to figuring my hair out. I am pretty sure I have 4a hair and I suffer from super SHRINKAGE. I am really happy that I found a place that i can go for tips on how to maintain my hair.
Hello ladies!! My name is Spencer and I am a 19 year old girl always looking for new curly treatments!! I have (what I believe is) type 3A curls, that I am trying to grow! Currently they reach halfway down my back. I used to use a straightener daily, and it just took forever and didn't do much good for my hair. Now that I am beginning my schooling to work with young children, I feel that it is important to set an example for these children, especially one of confidence and self-love. Therefore, I have begun to embrace my curls!! I am super excited to read and contribute to this forum!
I just stumbled upon this site looking for hair styles for my DD.I have read through the hair type descriptions and I cant find one that fits me.
I have very course hair that tends to be dry and I have A LOT of it. My curls are irregular and tend to just frizz but in the perfect conditions (no humidity, and the stars align), I can get nice ringlets. The only product that I have found that I really like to control the frizz is Curls Rock. When I add oils they tend to make it frizzier.
I believe my hair type is from my jewish heritage.
I am sure I am not the only one with this type of hair.
Thanks for any help you can give me.
Hi ladies,

August 4 2011, Was when I officially decided to stop relaxing my hair. Since then I've learned so much valuable info from the natural hair community. I'm learning something new everyday and I love it. I can't see myself ever going back to a perm. If I could pay it forward and give advice I'm happy to do so. Thx so much to everyone here!!!

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Hey Ladies. Its been 6 months since I've had a relaxer. I'm so glad that I stopped relaxing my hair. I am loving this natural hair journey. I love sites like this because I am always looking for new ways to style and take care of my hair. I'm somewhat obsessed lol. I'm also a member of and I have 4 other natural hair sites that I check out daily/weekly.,,,, and now this one I'm a 3b by the way.

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Hey everyone I'm new to this But I have straightened my hair since I was in middle school I'm now 32 I have type 3a hair but haven't embrased the curly look yet except on occasion. I have done my hair straight for so long people think I had a perm when I go curly. I actually have no idea what to do to my hair to make it look natural, it always feels crunchy and I hate that. After searching forever I've found this sight and I hope I can find something to help me!! I need it!!
I'm new as well. I use Shea Moisture Coconut and Hisbicus on my curls. My hair is curly but when I use this product it enhances them even more, keeps hair moist all day
Hello all!

I am new to this site and just decided to go natural after my wedding in November. Hubby is supportive but worried a little. I have what I think to be 3b/c hair. It is thin. I am black, but there is definitely some white and american indian in my ancestry. Looking forward to my transition which I made because of my thin hair and damaged edges.

Hey All! My name is Christina. I am not new to Naturally Curly. But I am new to the forums. I believe i have 3b hair. And i do not know how to define my curls. And i am unsure of how a new color would look. Help! Lol.

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