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Also, comb or brush only when the hair is wet and slathered with conditioner. A conditioner/detangler with "slip" will help. One conditioner with a lot of slip that I have seen recommended here is Say Yes to Carrots (available at Walgreens). I can't really recommend products from my own experience, because my hair is so short I have no problems finger combing when my hair is wet.
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Experimenting with too many products to name here. All this great info keeps my head spinning.
Hi y'all I'm from Tennessee and I'm new to the whole natural world and I'm already 3 months healthy! Thanks to so many youtubers! I have been trying to find twa hair styles for the passed week! But no success lol but it's ok cause I just make up my own even if it looks cute to me but not to others. I have recently learned that going natural gives a person so much boldness,confidence, and style! I'm the type of girl who loves the curls but not so much the volume of it! Don't get me wrong y'all I love big beautiful hair! but that's all folks! Until next time!
Im new.
I live in Bahrain, and the word "naturally curly" is not fimiliar here. I have been depressed because of my hair for many years. I just learned how to start managing my hair through this website.Many of the products you use are hard to find in my country but I had alittle successes in finding some of the essintial things. Im so extcited to learn more about how to deal with my curly 3b hair (I think) .Any help on that will be apreciated and Iwill offer any help if I can.
Your such a help with this.
I have been natural for 2 years. I have tried different colors and styles. Product is my real problem, I don't have any set products because my hair changes all the time. I would love some feedback. I can not use kinky curly product my hair does not like it at all. I need an everyday moisturizer. I have done the big chop twice because once my hair starts growing good it gets very dry. I have many pics. My hair is past my ears when stretched but shrinks I don't mind shrinkage. 4c hair very thick
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Try buying from essential wholesale for hair stuff. That's what I'm going to do

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Who's My Hair?
3c/4a-b looking stuff lol
BC- May 16, 2010
Why I chopped: heat damage/breakage
Luv'd my permed hair I just didnt take care of it.
LUVVV my natural hair!!!
Hello all

I've recently started transitioning a month ago. I am a college student and I'm looking to learn a lot more about natural hair and how to style during the transition phase
After 43 years of hating my Filipino 'fro, I finally love my curls. I'm a super low-maintenance working mom (is that an oxymoron or what?)...and for pretty much the last 8 years, my hair has lived in a ponytail. Last month, I got it cut and donated almost 12 inches of thick curly hair.

Soon after that, I found Naturally Curly, started learning lots, and took the plunge. I've been a CG for almost a month now, and I LOVE it! I've tossed the brush and comb, got a hold of sulfate/paraben/silicone-free products, and use a t-shirt to dry my hair. Co-workers, friends, and my daughter are all commenting on my curls. This is the first time I've actually had curls that are defined, shiny and frizz-free. EVER.

Glad to be here -- looking forward to learning from you all! Thanks, Naturally Curly!
Hi! My name's Julia and I'm honestly a little confused by my hair. When I was a little kid in was blonde, really superfine, and STICK STRAIGHT. I used to try and curl it and it wouldn't stay curled for more than ten seconds before it got all straight again. I have no idea what happened, but around two years ago it started to get a lot darker, sorta thickerish, and really wavy/curly/confused. I straightened it daily until a few months ago (because I had no idea what to do with texture, every woman in my life had straight hair), then I still blow dried it mostly straight and brushed it A LOT because I didn't know what else to do. Recently I've been letting it go natural, and I've discovered that it's sort of wavy on one side of my head and like ringlet spirally on the other side. Which is super annoying because it's so uneven (the wavy side is almost straight in some bits and the spirally side had one super pretty curl in the front and then basically a rat's nest). It's also a lot thicker now, but still really delicate and somehow super oily and dry at the same time (oil has been recently fixed, but still soooooo dry and breakage prone... my shower always has gobs of hair in the drain). Also I have enormous amounts of frizz! It's getting better since I haven't shampoo'd it in a month or so (I wash with superdiluted baking soda, then rinse with honey/apple cider vinegar), but it's still all unhealthy looking...

so basically, I'm a 17 year old dealing with a completely different hair texture, and I'm tired of my mom telling me to go back and brush it again because it's so frizzy (brushing makes that worse, right?) I don't know even the basic basic basics of working with my hair (if I'm not supposed to brush it, what do I do? How do I style? If a product just says "apply to hair" how do I do that? Should I blow dry? What the hell is a diffuser?) So really, ANY advice is super helpful. Thanks

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It sounds like puberty decided to change your hair along with all the other changes. The curl differences you are seeing could mean one side of your hair is more damaged than the other. This will change over time with proper care, though differing curl types on the same head is common. A diffuser is an attachment that protects your hair from the heat and velocity of air from your blow dryer.

You need to find out your hair properties: whether your hair is fine, medium, or coarse; porous, medium porous, or not porous; and what your elasticity is. These things will help you to know what kind of products your hair needs. This site can help you figure this out:

Live Curly Live Free - Home

Your present hair regimen sounds very drying. Not knowing your hair properties, the best I can suggest for starters is to try co-washing til you find out more about your hair. This is to wash with conditioners rather than shampoo. Vo5 Kiwi Lime, and Mint tea, and Suave Naturals Coconut are favorites I see mentioned a lot, and are inexpensive to start. I use L'Oreal's Evercreme line, which is a bit more expensive. I use the no sulfate shampoo and conditioner, but they have also recently come out with a cleansing conditioner I want to try.

To start tackling the frizz, not only your hair properties, but also your climate can come into play and have an effect on which products you might need. Sometimes gel, mousse, or creams help along with the other things. And you might need a good protein treatment and deep conditioning to help mend your hair.

When you find your hair properties, you can check the signatures of others with hair like yours to see what works for them. I know it's all confusing at first, but you will find help here.

Edit:You might want to check your library for Curly Girl:The Handbook by Lorraine Massey to show your mother and show her this site so she can understand what you are trying to do and why. Maybe if she understands she can help you.
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Experimenting with too many products to name here. All this great info keeps my head spinning.

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I've been looming on this site for more than a year. Finally got the guts to join the movement a couple of months ago....and then....I continued to loom. I have been natural all my life, exluding a short love/hate affair with a relaxer at age 11 and some Keratin Treatments post preggs...but i have always loved silicones and rejected my lovely spirals. Well, I threw out the cones, shelved the poos and checked my blowdryer at the bathroom door last summer and started reading. I am now comfortable enough in myself and my hair to begin to become of part of this all. Thank you naturally for leading the way. Everyone needs a guardian angel......
3B, Fine, Normal P, Normal E, Low-Med D
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NoP: As I Am CC
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Hey guys,

My name is Krizia I'm from Puerto Rico and today I'm starting the CG method to see how it goes! My profile picture is basically my hair on a good day (something that doesn't happen often) and its a 3a or 3b not really sure.

I was wondering if the products I picked are a good start.
Here's a picture of my products:

Thanks for the help!

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Hi! I'm new here, but trust me I am on a huge mission to make peace with my hair. The curly hair I am dreaming of is long, waist length, shiny frizz-free ringlets. The hair I have now is a bit past my shoulder blades, but the worst problem I have is that it shrinks all the way up to my shoulders. Another problem would be that my hair has an awful tendency of being straighter at the top and ringlet-y at the bottom. Have any tips for me? I'll be up for anything!
hi, well, im kinda new. at first i was really unsure about my hair type. at first i was dead set that my hair is 4a. then, i started to see much bigger curls in the front. after, in the back of my scalp, i had found even looser curls that was also the softest and part of my hair. this part, if not defined, is just a wavy tuft of hair. thoughts?
Hi my name is Jessica, I have been looking at the website for the last year or so but I have finnnnnaly made the choice to get serious about dedicating myself to the curly girl method so I joined the site! Im soooo excited. I have 2c or 3a hair ( Im not really sure, maybe someone can help me! ) I have medium length and medium texture hair. I'm at the end of my 1st week of the curly girl method. Anyways just wanted to say hello!
Hey!! I'm a black college student at Georgia State University, and I have fully transitioned from relaxed to all natural hair. My last perm was February 2011, and had my hair twisted Senegalese style from May til August. I got my hair cut in October. It has grown like wildfire and now I have a full blown out afro. I get a lot of compliments on my hair, and I'm finding out new things about my hair all the time. I have signed on with to get some help and advice on how to properly maintain it, so I look forward to everyone's insight! =D
Hi my name is Vaniesha. I'm new here, but I have been knowing of this site for quite a while and have been looking from the outside in and taking advice. I have finally decided to make a account and get serious because I'm becoming a product junkie lol and it just seems like I keep having set backs with my hair. I really need help reaching my hair goals.
Hello everyone! After years and years of straightening, I have decided to let my hair be natural. When I was little, I had a slight wave to my hair; almost straight. When I was 9, I had to undergo an operation and had a reaction to the anesthesia and it made a lot of my hair fall out. When it grew back in, and ever since, it's been curly. But anyway, I didn't like it in middle school or high school being curly so I always straightened it. A few weeks ago I was caught out in the rain without an umbrella on a day trip and my hair got curly and everyone told me how much they liked it. I thought, why not! So ever since, I've been letting it air dry/diffusing slightly. I'm really liking it so I started researching ways to keep it less frizzy (something I struggled with I straightened it as well) and discovered this website in my searching. So, that's my introduction! Oh, and I'm not sure what "type" my hair is. What do you guys think?
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Long time lurker but first time post. I'm a 3b curly girly. Just working on finding a good local person to cut it, rural Iowa isn't the best place to find anyone. Glad to no longer be a lurker on the forums.
Hello i'm kinda new here but am completely new to natural hair i'm a 4a with some 4b i'm certain. my hair is super thick and coarse i'm just learning to care for it and there are a lot of helpful tips. here is a great place for curlies.
Hi all! I'm not new to natural hair and I'm not new to, really. I'm mostly a lurker during lunch or down times when I can browse the Internet. I have a toddler and I work full time so I'm super busy. I love doing my hair but I don't really have a lot of time for that, hence my recent big chop. I've given up my straightener and I'm rocking the kinky curly once again. I want to grow my hair back out for at least a year before I straighten it (Ike I did the when I first went natural) and I plan to never go back to straightening on a regular basis.

Anyhow! Just saying hello and formally introducing myself to the board (which feels kind of weird since I feel like I know so many of you

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