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Hi !

I crused around on this sight for about 4 months before I joined two weeks ago. Thank you for all of you who have posted succh helpful comments and three cheers for this sight!I have a 3a/b mix(mostly 3a) with 2c on the very back of my neck and very tight 3b almost 3c curls on the sides of my neck. I originaly had a 2c/3a mix but my hair has changed to a 3a/3b mix over the year and a half I've gone curly girl.

good luck to the rest of the newbies and thanks to the experts
Hey everyone! I'm new to this site, and I am so glad to have finally found a website specifically for people with curly hair. I've always loved my curly hair, but sometimes I struggle to find good products that won't leave my hair dry and damaged. What I really want to find is some new hair style ideas besides the usual pony tail, half up/ half down, and the all down look. I'm so tired of opting for the straight hair!! Any ideas??? BTW, I have 3a hair.
Hey everyone,

I have been checking this forum out from time to time and so I finally registered. I am a mom of 2 girls, 3 and 8 and I am investigating about products to use on their hair, I am currently doing a research on making a home made stuff, I am not sure ab out their hair types they're inbetween 3 and 4
Hi everyone, I am so glad I found this site. I was looking on Facebook and there was a link to caring for curly hair and I was directed here. Thank you!!!
I have been battling my hair all my life, I read and looked at a few posts here and glad to see people having the same problems as me but they have got answers.
I am going to try some of the idea suggest here and hopefully I can tame my hair.
Nice to meet you all.
so im pretty new here, i accidentally started CG without meaning to...i don't know it just happened. What happened was: i bought a low-poo shampoo (renpure organic or something), with no silicones im assuming, but then i used tresemme flawless curls with silicones i just realized!
And the thing is, my curls are going away and my hair is thinning! I read somewhere on a blog that if you don't use a clarifying shampoo before you start CG that your hair can fall out, which has been happening!
It gets worse. So I decided, after reading about this stuff, to stop shampooing. And I did. And it was fine except for the thinning and the curls loosening, I thought it was just puberty, but that doesn't make sense because when I hit puberty, my hair went from wavy to curly! So anyway I just used the TreSemme Flawless Curls Conditioner with silicones in it, and I never clarified it with shampoo, and on TOP of it all I used moose/gel (Garnier Fructis Curl Construct) and that had silicones in it, too I just realized!
And now my hair is thinning, my curls are loosening, and I know I'm being melodramatic but I feel horrible. Please, please help. Will this all go away if I use a clarifying shampoo and just start over?
Thank you so much for your consideration. Sincerely, a newbie.
So I have just made the decision to go completely natural again and I'm pretty sure I will have a 4c hair type but I'm not 100%. The relaxer is still in my hair and it's going to take awhile for me to see what my natural curl is. But I was wondering is there a way you can find out what type of curl you have without waiting so long. If not then how long will I have to wait before I know. I'm so anxious and nervous to find out. My hair has been relaxed for as long as I can remember and I'm regretting it now because when I was young I had longer thicker healthier hair. My my hair is thin and it breaks all to easily sometimes. So far I have remedied that with Carols Daughter products so if anyone has ever thought of trying them out I highly recommend that you do. So if you can give me any newbie tips to transitioning to my natural curls that would be great! Support is always welcomes too.
hi! im extremely new to this but i really want to give it a shot! my hair is between 2a and 2b. ive been using herbel essences tousle me softly. in the beginning it worked great but lately ive noticed that without product my hair barely waves anymore and just looks flat but not straight. then with product it doesnt hold as great as it did in the beginning. im not sure what i did to my hair but i want the volume and waves that i had back!
so im here to learn more about this any advice on products and such would be much appreciated! thanks!
Hello to all my fellow curly girls. Ive browsed around the site several times but am new as a member. I love all the encouragement and different forums full of helpful info. I have been natural for a couple years now but i am about 3weeks new to the CG method and I am loving it so far.
NIce to meet all of you.
hello, sounds like you may want to clarify and start over. I would clarify and do a deep condition overnight, and go from there. If you want to do the CG method be careful of the ingredients in your products. it may be helpful to go on youtube or this site and search CG method. you will find a list of ingredients to avoid in your products and videos on how to apply them. HTH good luck to you.
Hello All! I've explored this site a bit and decided to join! It'll be good to get information from others with curls!
Hey everyone! I'm new to this site and I have just discovered I have type 3B hair! I went through a bad phase where I would always straighten my hair but now I'm saying goodbye to all heat and keeping it natural! I'm loving it so far but I'm still having some problems with dryness and frizzness also my hair wont grow! And my bangs are completely straight from all the heat :/ How do i make them curly again? Help please! Thanks!(:
Hi everyone, stumbled upon this website last year, but its a change of country, weather and bad curls that brought me back here. My hair I think is inbetween 2c and 3a. Looking forward to great hair days.

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As of May 30, 2012, I did the "Big Chop" and need all the advice I can possibly get. I've just learned that my hair type is either 4B or 4C. After years of perms & weaves, I wanted a change and healthy hair. I had thinning & loss of hair due to weaves ( glue). I've tried the Shea Moisture, but I'm not completely satisfied. I have course and extremely dry hair. Im looking for any styles for TWA's approx 2 inches of hair, and the best product.

Hey All!

New as well, thanks for the start up links! I've come here a couple times to check reviews, tips, and such but thought I might as well register and see whats going on. Especially since I have some good news! Just reviewed a natural hair care line (Original Moxie) on my blog and the owner is hosting a giveaway of some of the products on that page, there's also a coupon code for those of you looking to buy some new goodies! check it out

Backpacks and Belly Button Rings: Original Moxie Coupon Code!
Hello Everyone,

I joined this site this morning and have not been able to get off...I did my big chop last month because my hair was so damaged from heat that i really had no other choice but to cut it off. I found that my curly texture was gone and that my hair was very dry and no matter how much conditioner or moisurizing I did it was not getting moisturized (sign of porous hair) I learned that though much research. I am still learning and found this site very interesting. I do not use very many commercial products in my hair. I have been experiementing with natural herbal rises, shampoos and conditioners that I make at home with all natural ingredients. I find these good for my hair and my natural curl is coming back along with growth. I cut my hair last month and I already have a 1inch of new growth...if I continue at this rate I will have my hair length back within a year...I will keep my fingers crossed
Howdy! I have been reading this site for a while now and have recently gone CG. I didn't even last a week with just a co-wash. Being a 2b/c, my hair is a bit oily and the co-wash only seemed to be making it worse. So, I am now trying a modified CG route. I am using a low-poo and then conditioning. I am still trying to find a routine that works for me and so far this site has helped a lot.

Here's to starting a new journey!
I just signed up!
My last relaxer was June of last year and the chop was this past April. After exhausting my sisters, cousins and friends with natural hair talk to no end, picture messaging, blog following, stalking product reviews, product swapping, YouTube-ing until the battery runs dead, sideways glances from the husband at experimental styles, hogging the bathroom shower and counter space, and striking up convos at random with other naturals I decided it was time to join a forum. :-) I love being natural and my goal is finally happy, healthy hair. Whew!
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Hi,I'm new here and i just started my transitioning process. It's been 2 mths since my last relaxer and I chose to go natural because I want to see how my real natural hair looks like and I'm tired of spendin my money on relaxers,I'm just tired of relaxers period.I have some questions about my transitioning process and I wanted to know when will or am I ever going to see some type of curl in my head cause right now I have new growth and it doesn't seem curly at all it's bushy and gettin thicker and where can I find natural products for little girls:������
omg I searched for that thread so Im from Haiti i want alll the advices u can give me pliz
I just started after 3 yrs of relaxer and i want natural hair, im a 4a/b and i want help plizz i heard from Kinky curly, mizani, anndd i wanna be sure kuz i want my hair for august soo pliz help. i love u guys ur doing a great job :P answer fassstttt luv u
oh btw imma be 16

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Hi all! I'm a 16 year old who has explored the topic of natural hair and skincare for quite some time now. I have always been too nervous to try the cider vinegar/baking soda mix, I tried co-washing and ended up chickening out after the first time. My hair is a 2b, when I brush out all the waves when it dries (I shouldn't do this but my hair gets a bit tangled when dry, but the near curly waves are pretty!) it becomes a frizzy sort of 2a.

I've lurked around the site for a week or two and finally decided to make a post. I'm looking to find suggestions about where I should begin with caring for my hair - it's pretty damaged and I have a lot of frizzies and flyaways! I don't want to go back to cutting it short again.

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